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Thread: 10/9 TAR 19 Episode 3 *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 10/9 TAR 19 Episode 3 *West Coast Spoilers*

    It bothers me because it's kind of like playing God. Yes, in the short term, trying to promote one team over another may benefit you and help you win the race. But who's to say other teams aren't just as deserving as you to get the money? By doing whatever it takes to get ahead, you are implicitly saying that you are more deserving than everybody else. (I'm not talking about working hard at the challenges. I mean ruthless stuff like passing along answers, which I consider cheating.)

    What if Ethan and Jenna had won? Perhaps you are right that Ethan would have donated most of the money to his charity. What if the showgirls had won? Perhaps the single mother could have really used that money. By choosing a contestant(s) to help, you are also saying that they are more worthy, and even worse, that some contestants (like the Cowboys) aren't. It just feels wrong no matter how you put it.
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    Re: 10/9 TAR 19 Episode 3 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by NCLurker View Post
    You know, I'm not always crazy about which teams get the help, but really, it's entertainment and I don't get too wigged out by teams choosing to help other teams. Now, I resent the heck out of the teams choosing to give help to those I'd rather see eliminated, but that's my issue rather than an issue with the game. I suppose I think I might make similar choices were I in the race...helping those with whom I prefer to compete and hang out. I understand where folks are coming from, it just isn't an issue for me.
    I agree and feel the same way. There is some strategy in doing this that makes sense. You want to help another team who will not be stiff competiton for you in the end. And of course there are those who you just like and want around to help you when you may need it, too.

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    Re: 10/9 TAR 19 Episode 3 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I don't have a problem with teams helping each other out. It's a risky strategy because a team might chose to help another team by giving them the answers and then something unforeseeable happens to them (like a bad taxi driver, a lost clue, lost passport, etc) and the team they helped gets to the pit stop before them, potentially leading to them being eliminated.

    The Gypsies and Team No Limit in Expedition Impossible helped each other and I had no problem with that. Of couse, at the time I was hoping them working together would get Fab Three out of the game and that didn't happen until the last episode.

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