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Thread: TAR Season 17 10/24: Double the Lift, Double the Swoon

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    TAR Season 17 10/24: Double the Lift, Double the Swoon

    Hello dear readers, are you ready to once again race around the world and land at the magic eyebrow? I sure am. Last week on the race there were spills and thrills and frozen arses, but doctors Nat and Kat prevailed and won the leg. Let's join them on the mat and see where the envelope takes them, shall we?

    Fast Forward: A task that allows a team to skip all other tasks for that leg and go directly to the Pit Stop. Only one team can win a Fast Forward.

    First stop for our racers is a quick drive across the border to Narvik Norway and ride a gondola up a mountain to find their next clue. The doctors make it their first with the HSN hosts and the father/daughter team very close behind. Whoot! Fast Forward! Hoping for something like the tatooing or blood drinking of yore I am really disappointed that it is yet again a let's find something objectionable to eat and feed it to the racers for a lark! And oooh, maybe the vegetarian will get it! And so the vegetarian did get it and the doctors are off to consume a sheep's head. The entire cooked head of a sheep eye balls and lips and everything. Kat tells vegetarian Nat it "tastes like money' and they begin to devour Mary's little lamb's head one teeny tiny bite at a time.

    Roadblock: A task that only one person of a team can perform.

    Meanwhile, the other teams are picking up their mountain clues and are on their way to the Roadblock. At the Skjombrua Bridge, one of the team members will have to rappel off the bridge and down to the water below, then back up. A nice twist on the bungee jumping we usually see. Down the go, call for a boat and back up to their waiting partner. The parent child teams arrive first with Kevin and Gary electing to do the roadblock, followed by Claire of the HSN team. going down was the easy part for this purveyor of goods, up, not so much.

    Meanwhile, the doctors are playing a bit of make believe with their sheeps head, pretending it is anything but roasted mutton. They make it through with nary a puke (thank you, thank you) and receive their clue from the waiter. The head to the Ankenes Marina for a meeting with Phil's Eyebrow and a trip to Costa Rica. Meanwhile, Rhodes Scholars in the Art of Tatooing, Nick and Vicki see, to be having a bit of a language barrier. No, not Norwegian, it is plain ole English throwing them for a loop: Fast Forward Taken. Whatever could that mean - the mind reels with the possibilities. I mean, could it be taken? Or possibly taken? or, *gasp* even taken?! The mind boggles..... the give up trying to decipher this impossible statement and head for the bridge.

    Detour: A choice between two tasks, usually one a bit more physical and the other a bit more time consuming

    Meanwhile the parent/child and the HSN teams are on their way to the Detour as the late pack gets to the bridge to begin their descent. for the Detour, the teams have to pick between Bike and Boats. In Bike, the teams ride mountain bikes to where color coded locks are, memorize the combination, and then ride back to the start point to unlock a box for their next clue. In Boats the teams have to direct the captain of a fishing trawler to a spot onshore and then deliver two large fish and a chainsaw to a native at their cabin. Kevin and his dad choose the less demanding boat task, while Jill and Thomas and Gary and Mallory took the mountain bikes. Spills caused Gary and Mallory to fall behind and Jill and Thomas ride into second place as they begin their trip to the Harbor. Kevin and Michael unfortunately follow them as they take a wrong turn and end up back at the Roadblock bridge where they give hope to Katie and Rachel that they may not be out of the race just yet. Meanwhile, Gary and Mallory take a more direct route to the Mat and meet up with Phil and receive an unprecedented Double Eyebrow Lift as an indication of their second place status! Swoooonnnnn...... After getting directions, Jill and Thomas arrive in third closely followed by Kevin and Michael in fourth.

    Back at the bikes, Nick and Vicki power through the course. Well, Vicki powers through and encourages life long mountain bike rider to walk his bike when the going gets tough. He happily obliges. HSN'ers Brooke and Claire made it to the Mat in 5th place with Brooke gushing blood from a cut on her eyelid from their car, don;t worry folks she will live to kiss another day.

    Finally, volleyballers Katie and Rachel arrive at the Detour and hold onto hope they may not come in last when they see two other cars still there. The choose the trawlers and perk up even more when they pass dating couple Chad and Stephanie on the waters. Meanwhile, Nick and Vicki make it to the mat in 6th place and hopefully are presented with a dictionary behind the scenes. Or an English to stupid translation guide. Oh, that is unkind of me. True. But unkind. Yet still true.

    In artificially contrived excitement there is a race to the finish between Chad and Stephanie and Katie and Rachel and even though Chad and Stephanie got lost on their way to the Pit Stop, it was Katie and Rachel who came in last. Normally I am not terribly fond of equalizers in the Race, but I find myself hoping for one soon or the final four are going to be pretty predictable given the big gap between the front runners and the back pack. Please producers, can we have a campout at a gate whilst waiting for opening time? How about a big pile up at an airport? Anything?

    Next week join me, the racers and the Eyebrow in Russia! I wonder if they will see Sarah Palin's house?

    Race Stats:

    Fast Forward: Nat and Kat

    Did the Roadblock: Gary, Kevin, Thomas, Claire, Chad, Vicki and Katie

    Detour Boats: Brook/Claire, Michael/Kevin, Chad/Stephanie, Katie/Rachel
    Detour Bikes: Gary/Mallory, Nick/Vicki, Jill/Thomas

    Finish Order:

    1. Nat and Kat
    2. Gary and Mallory
    3. Jill and Thomas
    4. Michael and Kevin
    5. Brook and Claire
    6. Nick and Vicki
    7. Chad and Stephanie

    Philiminated: Katie and Rachel
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    Re: TAR Season 17 10/24: Double the Lift, Double the Swoon

    Thank you Iguana for the recap. I've always loved it when someone smarter than me could put things in some sensable order.
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