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Thread: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I don't understand how people can get so lost on this show...especially when they stop and ask for directions. Driving around for 3 hours?? First to last that quickly? I understand people have issues with finding their way out of a paper bag, but really?? Stop, get clear directions, use the internet, write them down...something!! And I know England can be confusing- my mother is British, so I've spent some time there...but goodness!

    And not learning a stick shift or at least practicing it if it's been awhile? That's just a given before going on the race.

    Loved all the fun stuff this leg...the turtle shells had me laughing!

    I didn't hate anyone (surprise!). I started to dislike Team Tinkerbell (don't know why they are called that), but maybe the boyfriend caught a clue after this leg so I will reserve judgement until next week. Love the lady doctors and the Gleeks. It seems like there are a lot of women this time around- maybe they are trying to ensure an all girl team wins. I thought I wouldn't like Miss. Beauty Pagent-Kentucky girl, but she kind-of won me over tonight. I reserve the right to change my mind as she may become annoying after a few legs. So far- so good!

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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Yay for double TAR dose, as the premiere for season 2 of the latin american version also played tonight. It was a good yet slightly rushed leg due to the one hour run time and many things to do, so we didn't get to know many teams. Not as good as the season 1 premiere, though, plus embarrassing to see a total of four teams get penalties on the Roadblock, from opening the clue before actually deciding who will do the Roadblock, to both team members actually doing the Roadblock together. Oy, seriously...

    But I definitely had a lot of fun with this premiere, more than a bunch of the more recent seasons, that's for sure. And the teams are overall likeable, except for Jill & Thomas and that Chad guy, they're already getting on my nerves real bad. Everybody else I'm okay with, though Mallory and Brook are boh very loud ladies, hope they don't shriek too much overall.

    The watermelon incident made me flinch and just about fall off of my chair. Gosh, I can't imagine how bad that had to hurt, having a full-on watermelon sprung back onto your face by a huge slingshot. Claire is definitely one tough lady, getting up and still doing the Roadblock after that hit.

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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Overall, I enjoyed the episode, but it's very telling if they give an express pass that this will indeed be one of the hardest seasons yet.

    That said, I have four things I really noticed:

    1. The TV show hosts - the one who got flattened by the watermelon was very tough to continue going. Yes, her partner may have been a tad annoying with the "You've got to finish" stuff, but it worked, and if she didn't think she could continue, the one firing the watermelons would've stopped and took the four hours.

    She could've had a concussion and yes that injury could've took them out of the race, but given her tenacity and her teammate's encouragement (however annoying) I'm glad they advanced to the next leg.

    2. I loved the Jester's comment to the above and said I think basically she took a tough one - I do know it was said with a great deal of respect. Given that jesters are supposed to make fun or jibe people, for him to say this in this manner was very respectful and I appreciated that.

    3. I found it interesting that the tatooed duo was the only one who seemed to get the center plank on the turtle-shell boats was where you were supposed to sit. The rest of the attempts from everyone were a riot, and I loved the father/son's comment - the dad's of "we figured it out from watching another team pass us" to bring reality back to the son.

    4. Phil has a tremendous amount of restraint not correcting said tatooed duo though for her saying "Country of London." You could tell though he was borderline laughing this time - It seems that it's very hard for him to not break that serious tone, so he really had to find that funny for him to nearly break that manner.

    It sounds like this is going to be a fun season, and I do agree that they're seriously trying to get the first all-girl team to win the race. My favorite teams right now are the doctors, the father/son duo, the Glee club singers and TV show hosts - but right now.

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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I love this show. Last night was a great episode.

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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Some friend... she tells her that she HAS to finish and that it's not called The Amazing Race for nothing.

    If I were her, I'd have to re-evaluate my friendship with her.
    It sounded harsh, but the blond was right...the brunette had to finish. The person who starts the challenge has to finish it. (At least, we've never heard of any possible exceptions to that rule.)

    I think her face was numb both because of the impact of the watermelon and the ice packs. I'm sure medical checked her out when they got to the pitstop.

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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I think the "Tinkerbell" nickname may have been based on her pixie haircut. I also heard someone refer to her boyfriend as "Peter Pan." I'd agree with that - the guy seems to have never grown up.

    For those discussing having been places shown on the program - We were in London a few years ago after an earlier season of TAR had visited there. While on the London Eye, we were pointing out where the next clue had been visible on a nearby building. That's as close as I'll ever get to being on the show, though!
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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Maybaybie;4070205;

    I didn't hate anyone (surprise!). I started to dislike Team Tinkerbell (don't know why they are called that)
    The volleyball players (? pretty sure) were calling the female Tinkerbell - probably because her blonde hairstyle makes her look a bit like Tinkerbell. They are the only team I don't like. Maybe the other couple as well. They have a surprisingly number of likable teams this year (so far).

    The watermelon - ouch. I half-expected the doctor team to trot back and check her out.

    Is the show always going to air at 8:30? For an hour and a half? At least the Canadian channel was showing it on-time.
    Edited to add: To answer my own question - next week it is on for an hour starting at 8. I didn't mind the extended show but it was kind of a weird start at 8:30.
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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I have never laugh so hard watching Amazing Race before, but these people had me cracking up last night.

    Ron & Tony - OMG how are you going to come form first place to last. You should have thrown away that compass because it wasn't doing you any good. I got tickled watching you two climb into that boat.

    Tinkerbell & Partner - Are you guys really that dumb?

    The couple that couldn't find the Pit Stop - too funny

    The best laughter of the night goes to.... The lady that got hit in the face with the watermelon. Girlfriend I felt your pain, but your partner had me cracking up laughing when you said you couldn't feel your face, but she turned around and said that had to complete the task because it was.... Amazing Race I know you wanted to smack her for that comment, and I wanted to do it for you. Even the Jester got off the rolling ball to check on you.

    Right now I am pulling for the doctors to win.

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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    My husband laughed so hard at this episode that he almost fell out of his chair. He said it was the best episode since the cheese rolling one (so far that is our all time favorite episode)
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    Re: 9/26 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Some people - not to take up for the person that said the "Country of London" - just do not get geography. My mom who is in her early 60's has never been good at geography and where other countries are or if they are towns, cities, countries, etc.

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