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Thread: Favorite Teams Each Season

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    Favorite Teams Each Season

    Mine are:

    1. Joe and Bill
    2. Danny and Oswald
    3. Ken and Gerard
    4. David and Jeff (hardly)
    5. Linda and Karen (tied for first with Chip and Kim and Charla and Mirna)
    6. Lori and Bolo (hardly)
    7. Uchenna and Joyce
    8. Nobody
    9. BJ and Tyler
    10. Lyn and Karlyn
    11. Danny and Oswald
    12. Kynt and Vyxsin
    13. Ken and Tina
    14. Mel and Mike

    I haven't watched 15 and 16 fully yet so I can't choose from those.

    What are yours?

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    Re: Favorite Teams Each Season

    Wow, has it been on for that many seasons??

    I can barely remember some of them, but my favourite teams have been Danny and Oswald (LOVE), Chip and Kim, Uchenna and Joyce, the hippies, and Rob and Amber.

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    Re: Favorite Teams Each Season

    I think I feel worse that I can remember them (at least my favorites):

    Season 1: Frank/Margarita
    Season 2: Tara/Wil (I had a thing for the bickering couples way back when)
    Season 3: John Vito/Jill
    Season 4: Kelly/Jon
    Season 5: Charla/Mirna
    Season 6: I don't think I had a favorite this season, I was kind of bored by it, and forever hate hay bales for getting Lena/Kristy eliminated so soon
    Season 7: same as above, minus hating hay bales
    Season 8: that was the family edition? I liked pretty much all the families, but wish they had traveled outside the US more and not had such young kids on
    Season 9: Didn't like this season as much as everyone else
    Season 10 & 11: Dustin/Kandice
    Season 12: I think the grandson/grandfather, but I barely remember it
    Season 13: Nick/Starr
    Season 14: Cara/Jamie

    I can't say I really liked anyone in the last two. Loved Jet/Cord and Jordan/Jeff for season 15 (16? I can't keep track anymore ) I was just entering high school when this show began. I feel old that we're up to 17 seasons. But I'm glad!
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    Re: Favorite Teams Each Season

    Now that I've watched seasons 15 and 16, I can add Flight Time and Big Easy for 15 and Carol and Brandy for 16 to my list.

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    Re: Favorite Teams Each Season

    Looking at it season by season I found out that some seasons I didn't really care who won. It was still fun to watch, but every team was annoying in some way. Some more than others of course.

    Season 1: Kevin and Drew
    Season 2: Oswald and Danny
    Season 3: Flozack (what can I say)
    Season 4: Jon and Al (the clowns)
    Season 5: Linda and Karen (bowling moms)
    Season 7: Meredith and Gretchen
    Season 8: Linz family
    Season 9: The Hippies
    Season 12: Kynt and Vyxsin (goth ruled that season)
    Season 16: Jet and Cord (still think they got ripped out of winning)
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    Re: Favorite Teams Each Season

    I don't remember teams as well as most people. I liked Mel & Mike, and the gay team who went shopping in the middle of a race leg.
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    Re: Favorite Teams Each Season

    Okay, first of all, I apologize for the length of my post, but hey, just t name faves!

    Season 1:
    Dave & Margaretta
    Nancy & Emily

    Season 2:
    Oswald & Danny
    Mary & Peach

    Season 3:
    Ken & Gerard
    Gina & Sylvia (yeah, I know they were eliminated first, but I still just loved them)

    Season 4:
    Jon & Al
    Monica & Sheree
    Debra & Steve (same reason as Gina & Sylvia)

    Season 5:
    Linda & Karen
    Charla & Mirna
    Bob & Joyce

    Season 6:
    Kris & Jon
    Meredith & Maria
    Lena & Kristy

    Season 7:
    Uchenna & Joyce
    Meredith & Gretchen
    Ryan & Chuck (a lot of teams I love from the get-go get eliminated first!)

    Season 8:
    The Gaghan Family

    Season 9:
    Wanda & Desiree
    B.J & Tyler
    Dave & Lori
    Fran & Barry

    Season 10:
    Dustin & Kandice
    Duke & Lauren

    Season 11, won't count it.

    Season 12:
    Kynt & Vyxsin
    Kate & Pat

    Season 13:
    Toni & Dallas
    Mark & Bill

    Season 14:
    Mel & Mike
    Brad & Victoria

    Season 15:
    Marcy & Ron
    Maria & Tiffany

    Season 16:
    Jet & Cord
    Jody & Shannon
    Monique & Shawne

    TAR Asia Season 1:
    Joe Jer & Zabrina
    Melody & Sharon
    Jacqueline & Aubrey

    TAR Asia Season 2:
    Natasha & Paula
    Adrian & Collin
    Diane & Ann

    TAR Asia Season 3:
    A.D & Fuzzie
    Ida & Tania

    TAR Latin America Season 1:
    Casilda & Casilda
    Fran & Ferna

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    Re: Favorite Teams Each Season

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff;4070046;
    I don't remember teams as well as most people. I liked Mel & Mike, and the gay team who went shopping in the middle of a race leg.
    That was Danny/Oswald from season 2 and AS (I think both times they finished 4th). Absolutely loved them. They made the race look so effortless. They went shopping during the middle of the leg, window shopped during an actual challenge, cursed at sheep in Spanish. Good times I miss that era of TAR, though tonight's episode of pretty amusing.

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    Re: Favorite Teams Each Season

    Oh they all blend together..

    Favourite team of all time is Kris & Jon (Season 6).
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