Meghan and Cheyne had arrived first for the fourth time at the end of the last leg, so they are the first to depart their Pit Stop in Estonia. Their first clue directs them to fly to Prague and locate a man in a Pragua, which is a type of vintage automobile.

The teams head to the airport on their way to the Prague. Some teams find out about a flight on Air Baltic through Riga to Prague, and it looks like they are bunching up again. Meghan isn’t content to finish first in more legs than any other teams. She realizes that a Pragua is an automobile, and thinks that they should lie to the other teams to send them on a goose chase. Brian and Ericka opt to take a train and a subway towards “Old Town” while the rest of the teams take a cab. We’ll see how that gamble pays off.

Meghan and Cheyne were the first to arrive, but Sam and Dan were right on their heels. They find out their next destination is a kayak event. Brian and Ericka’s decision to rely on public transportation rather than taking a cab is not paying off, and they blame each other for falling behind.

Kayaking Your Way Into Last Place

Meghan and Cheyne are the first to arrive at the Detour. The options are “Fast” and “Slow.” Fast and Furious involves kayaking down a manmade whitewater rafting course in which they need to grab a clue suspended about the course. It can go fast, but you need to keep your kayak from tipping over. Slow and Steady involves climbing on ropes over the whitewater rafting course, which takes times and some strength.

Dan and Sam opt for the kayaks, while Meghan and Cheyne and the Globetrotters are climbing on the ropes. Brian and Ericka just found the Pragua car and actually grab a taxi, rather than falling either farther beyond on public transportation. I would have liked to see someone get a ride in that Pragua, as that looked cool.

Dan and Sam flip their kayak in their first attempt. Meghan remarks that the ropes course gets tougher while they go along. Big Easy is so tall and heavy that he is dragging his feet in the water from the ropes course.

Sam and Dan are screaming at each other and manage to flip their kayak on their second attempt. Meghan, Cheyne and Flight Time are at end of the rope challenge, waiting on Big Easy. Cheyne thinks that Flight Time is blocking his path and throws a hissy fit.

This just in: Dan and Sam tips their kayak a third time.

Meanwhile, the Globetrotters and Cheyne and Meghan have finished the ropes course, so “Fast” is officially slower than “Slow.” Meghan and Cheyne offered to work with the Globetrotters. The two teams are waiting for a bus and talking to a local woman, and then Cheyne and Meghan promptly ditch the Globetrotters when they see a cab. So much for working together.

Sam and Dan abandon the kayak challenge and start the ropes challenge right around the same time that Brian and Ericka arrive and also pick the ropes challenge.

We’ve Figured Out What a Mandolin Is, But What the Heck Does “Miniature” Mean?

The next Roadblock challenge involves going to the Estates Theatre where some dude is singing opera. One teammate need to search the theatre for a miniature mandolin and present it to the singer. Cheyne finds lots of other instruments that are neither miniature nor mandolins.

Meanwhile back at the rope challenge, Dan and Sam took the cab that Brian and Ericka had paid to wait for them. Brian sees it happen, and yells at Ericka to finish the ropes so that they can claim their cab. No luck, as Sam and Dan bribe their cabbie and strand Brian and Ericka at the Detour.

Meanwhile, back at the theatre, Big Easy and Cheyne are searching for the tiny mandolin while Flight Time and Meghan need to endure Don Giovanni’s non-stop singing. Dan and Sam arrive at the theatre and one of them starts looking for the instrument.

Cheyne manages to find the miniature mandolin, and Big Easy says he was so happy that they found it so that Meghan would stop yelling: “Cheyne! Cheyne!”

Sam (or Dan – I couldn’t tell which one it was) found it next, and they were on their way out the door just as Brian and Ericka were arriving. There is a little tension while Sam and Dan manage to evade Ericka’s death gaze.

You Are The Last Team To Arrive. I’m Sorry To Tell You . . .

Cheyne and Meghan are the first ones on their way to Prague Castle, which is the Pit Stop. They won a trip for two to Hawaii. Wow, five first place finishes for this team. They really are dominant so far.

Ironically, cab stealers Dan and Sam are having a hard time finding a cab to the castle for the Pit Stop. The brothers do find their way to the Pit Stop, and are still on the mat when Big Easy and Flight Time show up.

Ericka is frustrated looking for the tiny mandolin, but they keep trying. I’m not sure how long they were there trying, but the Don Giovanni opera singer took a break. He ate a sandwich and sat down on a chair by Brian. Eventually Ericka finds the last mandolin taped to the bottom of a chair and they make their way to the Pit Stop.

Phil welcomes them, informed them that they are the last team to arrive, and then lets them know it is a non-elimination leg. My daughter is happy, as she likes Brian and Ericka, and wants them to get the chance to take Dan and Sam’s cab.