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Thread: Kelly & Jon

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    I wasn't around last season to read Flo's interview...

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    Quote Originally Posted by aMaZiN'RaCeGuY>
    Why I don't want Kelly and Jon to win -

    (Sorry I didn't read your post - it was too long!)

    a_Kelly and Jon are the nastiest people on the race this season. They have criticised and nicknamed most of the teams.

    b_They are self-destructive bombs. They look like they can explode within their group at any time.

    c_Jon seems to like to criticise others, but when it comes down to others criticising him, he just can't take it.

    d_They do not have the positive attitude that most other teams have.

    e_They do not deserve to win.

    f_They need to shut up. (Well, running out of points already)

    I would have to disagree with you on your points:

    I don't think Jon and Kelly are any nastier than say Will and Tara from Tar2 or Terri and Ian from Tar3. If anything they provide the show with some of the funniest moments this season.

    They may have their arguments here and there but when it comes down to it they get their challenges done, done quickly and just watch the way they root for each other. It's way cool!

    And I think they deserve to win... if any team makes it to the final pitstop first they deserve to win.

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    When Kelly smiles, she looks like Fire Marshall Bill.

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    Well, maybe all the teams that have made it this far deserves to win afterall...

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    I think that Kelly and Jon will win.

    Why? They have not used their FF!

    By the way, can teams use their FF during leg 13?

    If they can, Kelly and Jon will surely win.

    Thanks to Reichen and Chip and Millie / Chuck in leg 9.

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    No, they can't. There is no FF after the 11th leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aMaZiN'RaCeGuY>
    Well, maybe all the teams that have made it this far deserves to win afterall...
    Same here... it's hard to define the word 'deserve' in this context...

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    Well on this show I agree...whatever team gets across that finish line first deserves to win!

    They dont take minutes off their arrivals just because some people don't like a teams personality

    The funny thing is that some people on the boards say much much worse things about j/k then they have ever said about anyone..

    They might not be someone you want as a best friend, you may not appreciate their humor...but they have been giving their "all" to the race. Kelly going down that building face first...2 or 3 days after hurting her hand....jon turning over the race car and driving like a maniac to the finish line once the car was turned upright again...they have balls

    that was evident right in the beginning in italy when they slid down the slope on their butts to follow the directions to take the taxi back up...JMO

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    Remus Lupin
    Quote Originally Posted by freebiesite
    On the first episode Millie also took an extra pair of shuttle tickets for the soon to be departed chris and amanda..assuring them a place on the first shuttle....

    also on the first episode josh let the atc cut in front of the nfl's and chip/reichen....he later screwed over the poor models to make it up to the nfl's...he gave the nfl's a shuttle ticket...he then dissed the models..saying "i didnt want the blondes with the fake tits"....
    Correction... Millie did not take an extra set of tickets. She simply led Amanda & Chris to the right location and later Chris told Josh while the ATCs just followed Josh & Steve. If the Clowns hadn't already taken tickets for the second shuttle bus, they would likely have gotten on the first bus, instead of the ATCs.

    Josh did help Monica & Sheree by pointing them to the last tickets on the second shuttle but he didn't "give" them the tickets.

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    what do you man by: i've only seen 2 episodes?

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