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Thread: Kelly & Jon

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    Originally posted by droolingovrhim
    ...... Their bickering is not harming them in the race, .....
    I'm not sure I agree with this. It seems to me that they would get farther, faster if Kelly didn't stop to argue and say they were going the wrong way... all the time. I have figured out that Jon is pretty handy with a map and seems to have a good sense of direction, so I would follow him... why hasn't she figured this out??

    Also, I agree with Raindance about the whole one minute calling him an idiot and a retard, then being all smiley... uhg annoying!

    I wonder what she thinks of the show and how they are being portrayed. It will be interesting to read their interview.... (
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    Let's just remember two episodes ago in Vienna, when this pair was bickering all the way through the Detour. They could have done it much quicker if they had been communicating better than they were.

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    Jon seems okay... Kelly, not so much.

    She's catty, doesn't know what she's doing and doesn't have a nice word to say about anyone, including Jon.

    No wonder he's trying to limit her involvement.
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    it could be that Millie loves to flirt with David & jeff... that is why she share information.... That makes her look worse.. I don't like her, nor Chuck..... Declaring that you are still virgins after 12 years of dating is a disgusting and annoying thing to me. Reminds me of Britney Spears.

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    Originally posted by Miss Filangi
    Kelly seems to hate Millie for no good reason. Her comment about 'Millie being the kind of girl Kelly used to throw spitballs at' just illustrates what kind of girl she really is.
    I thought most people were supposed to outgrow that phase, but I guess Kelly still has a high school mentality...

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    They can't be philiminated soon enough, as far as I'm concerned.

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    Gosh, it seems that the more they're showcased, the more this team is turning out to be Zach & Flo of last season, thou i've yet to see more of Zach in Jon...

    If this team turns out to be the winners of this season (touchwoodX3), i'm so gonna

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    Okay I have to say that last night Jon and Kelly did much better. But not enough to make me like them. They were kind of funny when they did the cow manure thing. But the comments that Kelly made about Millie and Chuck were just unecessary. I mean they don't show any other team commenting on others looks are calling them names.

    I think it just shows how insecure Kelly must be. Don't even get me started on Jon's supposed phobia of fat people! Geez what a bunch of jerks!

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    These 2 are so judgemental. I really really really dislike them.

    They are not funny, imo, at all. They think they are so cute and clever, but I hope they realize now that they are just coming across as nasty.
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    bcarson, I agree.

    I don't understand why comments about other people's physical appearance have to be made, especially from Horse-face Kelly.

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