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Thread: David & Jeff

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    vanilla ice
    Awesome screencaps Remus Lupis!! Thankyou sooooo much!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Remus Lupin
    For all the David & Jeff fans (including me - hey, I can be a fan of more than one team, right?), here are some screen captures, including the long-awaited hug.

    The Early Show screenshot is from the RealVideo segment interviewing all the finalists which you can see via this link:


    Right-click/SaveTargetAs... if you want to save the 39.2 MB file to your computer.

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    I wish they had talked more to Phil Keoghan and zoom in on the eliminated teams behind... All I could see is blurred faces of Monica, Sheree, Debra, Steve, Dave, Steve, Jon, Al, Millie, Chuck... Where is Tian and Jaree ?

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    Where is Tian and Jaree ?
    According to another message board, Tian went off to her new beau in Wyoming. She went there to go horseback riding.

    Jaree went to see her grandparents in Alabama.

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    This is a recent article from Miami's Palm Beach Post, where it talks about David from Team Who? coming in third place. Except that he's referred here as "David Dziczkowski" instead of the name that CBS submitted in their press kits, David Dean. I actually did a double take and blurted out "David Who???" (heh) while reading it.

    My guess is that Dziczkowski is his real name--since it's rather difficult to pronounce, much less spell, CBS let him use a much easier surname. "Dean" is probably his middle name.

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    Remus Lupin
    But their shot at the million-dollar prize came to an end when the buddies hopped on a slow plane from Australia back to the States. They took the first commercial flight home while the other two finalists took planes on faster routes.

    Dziczkowski, owner of a California marketing agency, watched the final episode at a party in Manhattan hosted by the network and attended by all the contestants and some of the previous racers.
    Curious that this reporter was able to find out David's real last name but somehow messed up other details. D&J had not just won 4 consecutive legs (they had won 4 legs overall) and they obviously did not take the first commercial flight home. Also, there have been reports that the official CBS final episode party was only open to TAR4 racers and excluded those from earlier seasons.

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    How do you pronounce that? "Diz-ziz-cow-ki"? Sounds Czech. I have to look into that.

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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    It's Polish, and if my Polish isn't too rusty, it's "Di-COW-ski".

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    The ElitesTV postrace interview with David & Jeff is up at http://www.elitestv.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    Well, he didn't mention anything about having a partner for that "hobby"

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