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Thread: Amazing Race, Nov. 15 – What The Heck is a Candelabra?

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    Amazing Race, Nov. 15 – What The Heck is a Candelabra?

    The teams are leaving the farm, with the Globetrotters leaving first at 2:23 in the morning. Lucky them, they get to leave so early, I’m sure that means they’ll have a big lead on the other teams, right?

    They need to take a boat across the Baltic Sea to the city of Tallinn in Estonia. The Globetrotters find out that the next boat doesn’t depart until late the next afternoon, so their lead is pretty much gone, and they try to fall asleep in their rental car while waiting outside the harbor. That is a lot of sleeping manhood in one small car.

    Brian and Ericka remark that they haven’t won a leg yet, but they aren’t phased, as only the final leg matters as long as you make it through. Brian notes that Ericka didn’t win any of the rounds of the Miss America contest, but won the finales, which is all that matters. Is this our old friend foreshadowing making another appearance?

    Five Teams On a Ferry

    Matt and Gary head out in last place. All of the teams are on the same ferry boat. Some of them resting in their cabins, and some are strategizing on the deck.

    All the teams run off the boat when it lands, with the Globetrotters taunting the other teams for being winded while they are just jogging. They jump into taxis and look for the location of Mustpeade. They are looking for a certain door, and need to sort through a bunch of keys to open it.

    Inside they have a RoadBlock that is straight out of National Treasure (only without the apparently now broke Nick Cage), complete with some funky old cult-like group of merchants, cryptic room numbers, and messages written in code that isn’t revealed until they hold it close to a candle which reacts with the invisible ink.

    A Steamy Speedbump

    Matt and Gary locate their Speedbump, which involves taking a certain type of bus (did they really say “Saunabus”?) to a sweatlodge, so they separate from the rest of the teams who are all at the RoadBlock. They both remark how this isn’t their first times in a sauna, given their Scandinavian roots, so they think that is the perfect Speedbump for them.

    Back at the RoadBlock, the teams need to grab candelabra, which has the number of a room attached to the stem. This room contains a scroll. The teams then need to figure out how to reveal the code written on the scroll. The secret is to hold the scroll up to the flame, revealing the writing.

    Cheyne figures it out first, and some of the others don’t seem to have much trouble reading the clue: Pikk Hermann Tower Garden. Flight Time tries coloring on the scroll with a red crayon first before figuring out it needs head to reveal the code, shortly after we see Dan and Sam leaving. Not sure exactly where Flight Time came up with the crayon, but I’m speculating that he brought it with him.

    Gary and Matt leave their steam bath and show up after some of the teams have left the Road block. Matt chooses to do the Road Block, which may be a bad idea when he has no idea what a candelabra is, and roams around seemingly forever, asking people if they are the “candelabra.” Matt is obviously not a fan of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

    Good Clean Fun in a Bog of Mud

    Brian and Ericka are the first to arrive at the Detour, where they have to either play volleyball in the mud against a local team and score 5 points, or shoot radish slingshots at a target, which when you hit it drops a pile of cabbages into the mud. Meghan and Cheyne ace out Ericka and Brian on a taxi, which causes Ericka to beat Brian down like a rented mule while they are riding in their next taxi.

    Matt finally figures out that he needs to take the candle holder from the middle of the table, and eventually figure out the clue, which he has as Pikk Hermann Tower, but they seem to have missed the final word “Garden.” We’ll see how important that word is on their clue.

    Sam and Dan are trying to catch a taxi at the same time as the Globetrotters, and they get pissy with each other. Sam and Dan spend the entire cab ride ripping on Flight Time and Big Easy and how they are riding on the coattails of other teams and their fame. As my daughter would say: “Whatever.”

    Matt and Gary wander around the front of the tower, and eventually seem to find the cluebox in the Garden behind the Pikk Hermann Tower, so it didn’t seem to cost them too much time, but they are already in last place and don’t have much to spare.

    An Anti-Climatic Climax

    Meghan and Cheyne have located the volleyball Detour and seem to be scoring quite easily, while the other teams seem lost in the woods. Meghan and Cheyne have finished the challenge and run to the Pit Spot, they are first and win a red cedar sauna. They are bored with these prizes by now, having won a majority of the legs by this point.

    Three teams were running towards the volleyball Detour. Sam and Dan take up one court, and Flight Time and Big Easy are competing in the other, so Brian and Ericka either had to wait or try the slingshot challenge. Not wanting to just sit around, they tried the slingshot challenge. Gary and Matt are still bringing up the rear and haven’t found their way to the Detour yet.

    While watching the teams in the mucky volleyball pits, they keep blurring out both Sam and Dan’s private area while they are in their boxers. Don’t those boxers have buttons? What is going on that they can’t keep their undies shut – yikes boys, that is an issue you might want to address before wearing your skivvies on a tv show. And why are they wearing matching undies. Dang that mom of theirs, dressing them in funny matching outfits again.

    Push Me, Shove You. Oh Yeah, Says Who?

    The Globetrotters score their fifth point first and head to the Pit Stop, but they head in the wrong direction. They realize it when Sam and Dan head the other way towards the tower in the middle of the bog which is the Pit Stop for the race. The footrace is on, and things get ugly. There is some shoving. Flight Time and Dan both fall down, and they are all pissed when they show up at the Pit Stop.

    Brian and Ericka are still working at shooting the radishes at the target over the table of cabbages, and hit the target. They wear their bog shoes (which are like snowshoes, for walking in a muddy bog) over to the pile of cabbages, find their clue, and head to the Pit Stop. Now it is clear that Gary and Matt are done.

    We see Gary and Matt show up, perform the slingshot Detour, get the clue, and head to the Pit Stop. It seems pretty clear to everyone that they are eliminated, so Phil’s news is no surprise. We see some clips of Matt and Gary bonding, with Gary saying how proud he is of his son Matt, and wish them well.

    And now, for the final four teams. Things are already ugly between the Globetrotters and the brothers. How will Brian and Ericka react when Dan and Sam try to steal their taxi while at a challenge? Will we get to a beauty queen get down with her slapping all upside their heads? Tune in next week to find out.
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    Re: Amazing Race, Nov. 15 – What The Heck is a Candelabra?

    Thanks for the recap L.G.
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