Amazing Race October 25 – I Didn’t Think There Would Be a Really Big Water Slide!

The racers are starting out in Dubai, with Meghan and Cheyne leaving first after their easiest Fast Forward ever. Lucky fans, we get to relive Lance and Keri’s elimination, and then get a teaser of Mika’s meltdown, telling Canaan that he can’t make her go down the water slide, even for a million dollars. We’ve been seeing ads with these clips all week, so hopefully it won’t disappoint.

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It. . .

We get to see some shots of the city of Dubai, and it looks really cool. Hard to believe it wasn’t even a city just 15 years ago. The teams need to take a locked briefcase, then go to the marina boardwalk to find their next clue. This starts out rather cloak and dagger, which can be cool. The teams get their briefcases and head to the boardwalk where they find a bunch of small, inflatable boats. There are just as many boats as teams: Coincidence? No way.

We start right off with the Roadblock. One member of the teams must row their inflatable boat out to a yacht. Somehow they then need to get onboard the yacht, where they will meet a sheik who gives them a gift. They open the gift box and find that it is a watch. Then they need to get back into their tiny boats, and paddle back to the dock. They must then figure out that the time on the watch is the combination for the lock on the briefcase.

We see Brian and Ericka and the Globetrotters depart, and Big Easy can’t stop talking about how hot he is. No, ladies, he’s not bragging about his sex appeal. He is fixated with the temperature. We get it, Big Easy. It’s hot in Dubai.

Cheyne rows the little boat and gets the clue from the sheik on the ship. He seems to have some experience in rowing boats and doesn’t have any problems navigating out to the yacht and back. Cheyne and Meghan figure out how to open the lock, using the time from the watch as their combination, and are on their way.

You Mean That Isn’t His Natural Hair Color?

Leaving the pit stop to start the leg, Gary remarks that he helped his son Matt dye his hair pink the prior night at the Pit Stop, and that they are getting very close. So, do you think he’s been hauling a bottle of pink hair dye in his backpack all this way, or that he was actually able to find a bottle of it in Dubai?

We see Sam and Dan talk about their partnership with Maria and Tiffany, and remark that if it comes down to it, they can outrun them. Not a bad strategy. Sam and Dan think they can outrun any of the teams except maybe the Globetrotters. I second that thought that they won’t be out sprinting the Globetrotters – who are currently lost because their cabbie took them to the wrong location.

Brian and Ericka complete the Roadblock without delay, with Brian rowing the boat because Ericka “doesn’t ‘do’ water.” Wonder how that slide will go for her later. Brian is not a natural with the boat, but seems to have it figured out.

Hookahs or Gold? Sounds Like A Choice for Dudley Moore’s Arthur.

Meghan and Cheyne make it to the Detour and have two choices, “Gold” where they need to count out gold using the posted exchange rate, which is constantly changing; or “Glass” where they take a taxi and need to find crates with pieces of “hookah” that they need to assemble.

The hookah is a type of ornate glass item that looks like a lamp but is apparently used as a smoking device. I had no idea, and my parents would be so proud. There are a lot of pieces that they need to locate packed in a crate full of straw, and they need to be assembled in a particular order. This reminds me of the Ikea challenge that gave racers fits a couple years ago. Brian and Ericka arrive at the Detour and opt to try the “Gold” weighing challenge.

Gary completes the rowing for his team. In a fun bit of foreshadowing we see Mika telling us that she is not competitive, and that Canaan needs to encourage her along. We’ll see how much she appreciates his “encouragement” when we get to the water slide.

Big Easy and Dan are racing small boats, both using their arms instead of the oars. Flight Time cheers on Big Easy, saying “do it for the ‘hood” while Sam tells Dan “do it for the suburbs.”

What Time Is It When The Little Hand Is On the Thirteen? Time To Get A New Watch.

Dan and Sam figure out the lock combination, but the Globetrotters are having more problems. Instead of trying to enter the time on the watch, which is 8:35, the Globetrotters are starting with 8 and 7, because the small hand is on the 8 and the big hand is on the 7. Um, ok guys.

Despite a number of other teams showing up and passing the Globetrotters, the thought never occurs to them to try entering the actual time. This isn’t a glowing endorsement of our educational system. “The ‘hood” hangs it head in shame as Big Easy and Flight Time finally get the suitcase open, after all of the teams have passed them.

Speaking of things people should have learned in 5th grade math class, Brian and Ericka are struggling with the Gold Detour, trying to figure out how many gold coins they need given the quickly changing commodity rate. They are trying to do long division by hand, and not having an easy time of it.

Building a Bong With Your Dad.

Matt explains to his dad what a ‘hookah” is because he know that ‘people’ smoke out of them, and for emphasis, he gives a demonstrative smoking and tokin’ gesture. His dad shakes his head, but opts for the Glass Detour.

Meghan and Cheyne are still in first place after assembling their hookah, and are headed towards the water slide, which slides through a shark tank into a shallow pool. Awesome, I want to do that. I stood in line for over an hour last summer to go on a water slide called The Hurricane which involved a huge cylinder, small rafts made for up to 4 people, and very strict weight restrictions to make sure your group didn’t weigh too much, as that could cause your boat to capsize and throw you dangerously through the air. Unlike many of the water slides I’ve been on which have sharp twists and turns, there isn’t really the chance that you’re going to get the torque necessary to twist right out of the slide with this straight shot. It still looks like fun.

Brian and Ericka bail on the Gold detour after several unsuccessful tries, and start with their Glass construction project. Ericka mentions that she “married up” because Brian’s skills at paddling boats, math, and apparently assembling hookah’s exceed hers. As the day wears on, though, she is less enamored with her choice.

Tiffany and Maria and Sam and Dan are all trying the Gold Detour. Sam and Dan had the good sense to buy a calculator from Walmart before they left, and both teams are using it and somewhat working together to get the right amount of gold on their scales. Of course the rate changes just as they were checking to see if they had it. Both teams get it correct at the same time, and they are on their way. Nice plug for Walmart there, boys.

Time For the Really Big Water Slide.

Meghan and Cheyne are at the water slide, admit that they are afraid of heights, see that there are sharks, and both go anyway. They get their next clue, which is to search the large resort for Dolphin Beach. This beach is the next Pit Stop.

Surpringly, the teams don’t travel by plane at all this episode. I don’t remember that happening ever before, but I’m sure it has. Meghan and Cheyne are the first to arrive, and both win a personal watercraft. They celebrate, frolic on the beach, and say that they are getting very close during this race.

The Globetrotters show up at the Glass challenge, while Brian and Ericka are still there, as are Gary and Matt. Ericka is showing her frustration with Brian, when this second Detour is not going any more smoothly for them. The teams are all searching their boxes full of straw for their missing pieces. Matt is about ready to pass out from the heat and dehydration, and takes a seat while his dad continues to work.

Brian and Ericka finally assemble their hookah, which for some reason prompts the Globetrotters to bail on assembling the hookah, and head to try the Gold Detour. Changing Detour tasks part-way through has spelled the demise of many previous Amazing Race teams. Will it mean the end of our fabulous “Sweet Georgia Brown” soundtrack for this season? The Globetrotters wisely ask someone working at the Gold exchange to borrow their calculator.

Brian and Ericka get to the giant water slide. Brian is afraid of heights, and Ericka is afraid of water. But they slide and get it done. They are team number 4 to arrive, with Tiffany and Maria finishing 2nd, and Sam and Dan coming in 3rd. We’re still on sure if Tiffany and Maria have figured out that Sam and Dan are gay (as if the matching red swim trunks weren’t a dead giveaway). They gush about how hot the brothers look running down the beach. Hello ladies, they are playing for the other team.

Matt and Gary finish the hookah, go down the slide, and come in as team number 5.

The Really Big Tantrum at the Really Big Slide.

Mika and Canaan are at the slide, and we see the Globetrotters complete the Gold counting Detour. With the show’s editing it’s impossible to tell if they actually are that close in time and how long it will take for the Globetrotters to get to the water slide, so not sure just how dramatic it will get. From post show interviews, we find out that Canaan spent 45 minutes trying to get Mika down the slide before the Globetrotters showed up.

We’re left with the question: how long will Mika’s tantrum continue, and will it give Big Easy and Flight Time the chance to pass them up and stay in the race despite their inability to figure out the code for briefcases? I sure hope so, because someone so immature as to be deathly afraid of a water slide, but still think it is a good idea to go on this show (which always features much tougher challenges than this) is just dumb, and wasting a spot that a more deserving team could fill.

Back from the commercial, and Mika is stomping her feet like a 3 year old. I have a 3 year old, so I know. But he would have gone down that slide much easier than Mika, as you can reason with my son. Canaan prays to God and hopes that reason will prevail. God is busy, apparently as Mika continues to pout and shriek.

Flight Time and Big Easy show up. Mika and Canaan now have 2 minutes to either go or get off the slide. Big Easy tells her not to do it. Mika whines and pouts and doesn’t slide. The slide operators tell her that her time for wasting their time is up, and they need to clear the way to people who aren’t going to waste their time. Flight Time swings off the slide and comes flying down feet first. Canaan calls Big Easy a “piece of crap” (very Christian of him) and blames him for Mika not going, as if the 45 minutes that they were there first was his fault too. Canaan went down, waited for her for a while, then went back to walk her down the steps.

Like Bo Derek Running Down the Beach in “10”. . . Really, another Dudley Moore movie reference?

Flight Time and Big Easy run across the beach, finish in 6th place, and give Phil some basketball metaphor involving the “alley ooop” and reiterate that they are here to win.

Mika and Canaan finally arrive, but without completing the challenge. They are eliminated, and Canaan says he doesn’t blame Mika, as it could have been anyone. I beg to differ, as that was not your run of the mill tantrum, but I’m hoping that Canaan’s Christian forgiveness to extend to Big Easy as well.

Previews for next week show Ericka as the next woman to lose her damn mind during this race. Very disappointing, ladies. They should take a lesson from Maria and Tiffany, as they are not sniveling wimps, but apparently they have no gay-dar.