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Thread: The Amazing Race Oct. 18 – Building a Snowman in the Desert.

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    The Amazing Race Oct. 18 – Building a Snowman in the Desert.

    The teams depart from their fourth pit stop, with brothers Sam and Dan leading the way. The clue tells them simply that they need to find the world’s tallest building and to fly to the Persian Gulf. They need to find the Burj Dubai, in Dubai, a building still under construction, and take an elevator to the top floor.

    After at least one unsuccessful effort to book a flight to “The Persian Gulf,” the teams figure out that they need to head from Cambodia to Dubai. Lance and Keri seem to have the most trouble booking their flight, but after some “over the advertising break” cliffhanger drama, they all end up on the same flight.

    Climb Every Mountain (Or Tall Building)

    The teams arrive in the middle of the night in Dubai (on the Persian Gulf coast). They have the best dressed cab drivers in the world, with snazzy white uniforms with red trim. The teams need to sign up for one of 2 groups for ascending the building the next morning when it opens. Matt and Gary are the last team to sign in, but the two groups should only be 15 minutes apart, so we’ll see if it makes a difference.

    Lance looks up at the building and hopes that a plane doesn’t hit him in the head. Yes, his ego has enlarged his head that much that it is a danger to passing aircraft. Someone alert the FAA, and maybe we can dispatch Balloon Boy in the vicinity for some new reality show – just kidding.

    Mika is having a drama moment, crying on the way up to the top. She thought they’d make her jump off the world’s tallest (and still under construction) building. Yup, that’s likely. No-one is going to accuse Mika of being too smart for this show.

    And Now For the Easiest Fast Forward Ever

    At the top, teams get their clue and a hint for the only Fast Forward of the leg. The second group realizes they don’t stand much of a chance getting to the fast forward first. The first group debates which team or teams are going to try for it, and once Cheyne and Meghan are announcing that they are trying for it, the rest backed down and just let them take it without a challenge. That doesn’t make for interesting tv – come on folks, give us some drama.

    Lance and Keri seem to be lost in a parking lot, not sure why. So they yell at each other. Of course.

    Cheyne takes on the challenge to drive the race car. He doesn’t seem phased by it. They seem to be the only team trying for it. Meghan makes some really stressed out faces. She really needs to ease off a bit. They complete their challenge and then get a ride to the Pit Stop. Too easy. Where is the head shaving and arm tattooing of Fast Forward’s past? Boring.

    Searching The Desert For Water

    Brian and Ericka head out across the dunes forgoing the fast forward. The teams take jeeps across the desert towards the Road Block where one teammate needs to search the desert for bottles of water. Brian did it for his team because Ericka proclaimed that “chocolate melts.” Um, ok. Teams from the second group up the tall building are making their way across the desert now too, so many groups are searching.

    Big Easy takes on the challenge for the Globetrotters. The teams seem to be finding more empty containers than full ones, and it will be tougher for later teams as the earlier teams are using the water they can find to fill their containers to get their next clue.

    Not yet to the Roadblock, Keri and Lance are still lost. Lance remarks “my judgment sucks.” In order to avoid false advertising claims, Lance should include this in his “have you been injured in an accident” ads for his law firm.

    And Now For Something Completely Different – Snow in the Desert

    Brian is the first to find the water in the desert, and gets the clue to head to a ski resort. From a desert to a ski resort in one country, very cool. Gary and Matt manage to catch up to many of the first group of teams. Big Easy is struggling in the heat.

    Brian and Ericka help a team find the right directions, and talk about wanting good race karma. Also being not complete jerks, the poker chicks help Sam and Dan with their water ladles. However, karma was not so kind to Tiffany and Maria, as they run over something with their car and stab their radiator, which dumps water all over. They need to wait for a replacement car, and Sam and Dan offer to help in any way that they can. Lady luck is with the poker chicks and their replacement car seems to show up in no time flat.

    Cheyne and Meghan check in first and win a trip for two to Jamaica to an all-inclusive resort in the rain forest.

    If A Jerk Yelled in the Desert With No-one To Hear Him, Would He Still Be a Jerk?

    Lance and Keri are still trying to locate the desert place to get to the Road Block and look for the water. They finally arrive and pick Lance to do the Road Block. Lance is running across the sand, finding only empty water vessels. He is frustrated and tossing around the vases, breaking them.

    The other teams are trying to navigate their way to Ski Dubai, which is apparently an indoor ski facility. I’ve never heard of such a thing. But in Minnesota, we don’t need to look for snow, it finds us.

    At Ski Dubai, the teams are presented with their Detour – build a snowman or find a snowman. Matt and Gary try to find one. To start the “find” challenge, you need to slide down the slope on a small shovel. I personally would have picked build a snowman, and if permitted, would have rolled up the 3 main balls while still in the cold building, so you could just slap it together outside. Looking in a huge pile of white snow for a tiny white snowman sounds frustrating.

    What Color Is the Sky In Your World?

    On their way to Ski Dubai, Mika proves her lack of insight by not knowing that she was driving 120 kilometers, thinking she was driving 120 mph. She was surprised that driving a car at 120 mph in Dubai felt the same as driving about 60 mph. Dubai isn’t the moon, Mika. The same laws of physics apply in Dubai as does in the US, really.

    Ericka is the first to find the tiny snowman (it is really small) in the huge pile of snow. She gives it to the very cute polar bear (are we watching Lost?) to get the next clue to the pit stop.

    Lance and Keri get back in the car and are almost immediately lost again. Keri is whining (or maybe she’s just talking and it sounds like whining to me – my goodness that is one tough to take accent) and Lance is impatient. It’s not looking good for this team. They backtrack and head towards the ski resort.

    Flight Time and Big Easy are searching in the snow pile with Dan and Sam, looking for the small snowmen, while Gary and Matt bail on searching and are now building snowmen out in the heat. Will they be able to build fast enough before all their snow melts in the heat?

    More Race Karma, and Teams Being Nice Just Because They Can

    Sam and Dan also bail on the snow pile and go to try building the snowman. Just as they leave, the Globetrotters find their snowman and are on their way out of the ski resort. Mika and Canaan are heading towards the Ski Dubai as the Globetrotters are leaving, and the Globetrotters let them know that they should grab their coats. That was very nice of them, and hopefully Canaan and Mika can appreciate the gesture, as obviously most of the teams were quite cold during this challenge.

    Gary and Matt have constructed a quite cute little snowman and get a pass from the “build” challenge and are on their way to the pit stop.

    Mika says that she “can’t sled because she’s never done it” so they don’t even attempt find and go straight to building the snowman. I’ve never heard of anyone being afraid of sledding. Here’s our chance to come up with our own new “phobia” word. Perhaps “nitwitsledphobia” will be in medical books soon. Mika and Canaan’s “snowman” starts out looking more like a pile than the rolled up balls of the other teams, but eventually they figure it out.

    Brian and Ericka are team 2, with Flight Time and Big Easy checking in third.

    Sam and Dan built a snowman while Mika and Canaan are there trying. The poker chicks appear lost in traffic on their way to the pit stop, while Lance and Keri have finally arrived and are going to make the snowman.

    Sam and Dan are team 5. Maria and Tiffany are team 6, which was Tiffany’s guess.

    Mika and Canaan are heading towards the pit stop, arriving 7th.

    Lance and Keri risk not getting their clue just so Lance could kick their snowman. Keri exaggerates that their leg was the worst ever done on TAR. Having watched every season, she’s very wrong. The Guidos were actually eliminated in Alaska after the winning two teams had finished in New York City, so no, you’re not even close to having the worst leg ever.

    Lance and Keri were more likeable this leg than any of the others, but still couldn’t completely suppress their inner jerks. We lucked out and it wasn’t a non-elimination leg.
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    Re: The Amazing Race Oct. 18 – Building a Snowman in the Desert.

    It's bugged me and I'm finally remembering to say something.

    Anyone who has spent any part of their childhood living with snow should know the easiest, fastest way to build a snowman is to first pack a ball of snow, then roll it in the fallen snow to pack on more.

    "Snowball Effect" ya know.

    Everyone was trying to pick up snow and take it to where the snowmen needed to be set-up. It'd have gone faster if they had just made their head, bottom & torso in the room WITH all the snow and carried the part out to the base.


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