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Thread: 10/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 10/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by jmb;3733031;
    Noticed on the preview one of the girls being too scared to go down a water slide. She was wearing water wings so, I'm thinking that maybe she was scared because she can't swim? Afraid of heights?
    Anyways, I just shake my head when I see scenes like this: This is the Amazing Race people!!
    When you sign up to do this show there are certain things that you should expect to be asked of you, and you should be prepared to do them.
    Here's my list of some of the things I think ALL contestants should be prepared for:
    1) Swimming - most races have a water component.
    2) Heights
    3) Getting disgustingly dirty
    4) Encountering wild animals
    5) Navigating - someone on the team should know how to read a map
    6) Eating disgusting things (vegetarians beware!)
    7) Drive stick shift
    8) Gruelling physical tasks
    If you are unwilling/unable/unprepared for these types of challenges, then maybe you shouldn't be on the show.

    Anyone have some things that contestants often balk at, that they should not be surprised about being asked to do?

    9) Dealing with weather conditions
    10) Tolerating foul smells
    11) Accepting that natives speak their own language
    12) Making fire.
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    Re: 10/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    13) handling bad taxi drivers
    14) getting by with no one that speaks English (so learn the basics in a few languages before you go!)

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