Last week Zev and Justin were the only team to injure their ceramic animal in their journey through the park. It was a poor choice on their part to pick the biggest, most awkward animal for this challenge, but still, poor Geoffrey didn’t deserve that. They are starting out near the back of the pack, and the ads seems rather ominous about their future. Are we getting some advertising misdirection? Only time will tell.

I’d Like a Scientific Study on Just What “Five Years of Married Stress” Does to Your Body

This week the teams are departing from Ho Chi Mihn City, with the Globetrotters leaving first for Phnom Penh, Cambodia by plane. They are to find the fabled foreign correspondents club and ask the assignment editor for their next assignment. Big Easy and Flight Time look like they are enjoying their time on the race.

Brian and Ericka talk about all of the bugs they are finding in their eyes and belonging, and refer to themselves as “Team Jungle Fever.” I preferred their “Team Zebra” nickname from last week, and liked the movie Zebrahead better for interracial couple movies personally, but I’m sure Spike Lee appreciates the shout out.

The teams gathered at the airport in the first big equalizer of the game. Justin and Zev talked about meeting at camp and being friends, and misprounced the name of their destination to be “Sean Penn, Cambodia.” Lance and Keri think that being on the race gives them 5 years of “married stress.” I can tell you that I’d rather have more than 5 years of my current married “stress” than go on a trip to the local grocery store or frankly anywhere with Lance. What a tool.

These Masks Can Protect Airline Workers From Icky Traveler Germs

The lady working at the airport is wearing a mask because she doesn’t want to get Ugly American disease from Lance and Keri. Everyone besides Lance and Keri and Justin and Zev makes the first flight out. Looks like there may be a race for the bottom if the challenges go quickly once they arrive in Cambodia. But wait – Lance gets the idea to ask about flying stand-by. Ooooh, the suspense.

The first group of teams board their plane while the two lagging teams try to get stand-by tickets onto the same flight. After some suspense, both teams get on the flight. I’m impressed that both teams (even jerky Lance) profusely thank the gate crew for their help, and even hug the people who are really trying to avoid germs.

Who’s That Girl? – Madonna Would Be So Happy

Once in Cambodia, the teams grab cabs and look for the Foreign Correspondents Club. Once they locate the assignment editor, and properly request their next assignment, he slips them a folder with a photo of Jackie Kennedy from her trip to Cambodia in 1967. I wasn’t alive in 1967, but I clearly recognized Jackie O. Apparently, not all of the teams have my keen sense of photo recognition.

They are supposed to find the hotel room named after Jackie. Mika and Canaan have a difficult time getting the documents because he kept asking for a “test” rather than an “assignment.” Yes, following directions continues to be importation in TAR. Go figure.

By asking the locals, they find out that the Hotel Royal has a Jackie Onassis suite. Lance and Gary correctly identify Jackie O from the photo, while numerous other teams think it must have been a local queen, with Mika making the case that she looked particularly Cambodian.

Can We Take Your Hat?

Zev and Justin were the first to arrive at the Hotel Royal and locate the Jackie Kenney Onassis suite. They then have a Detour choice of “Cover” selling helmets to a family of four, or for “Wrap” in which they need to search a local market for a woman wearing a scarf with a distinctive pattern. Zev and Justin are bonding with their cabbie, and joking about karma. Don’t you taunt that karma chameleon, silly mortals.

Brian and Ericka are having a hard time finding the right hotel and are stressing out. Even while this is going on, they’re still more pleasant than Lance is in a good mood.

Most of the teams are picking “wrap” and running around the market with a scarf, looking for the woman with their matching scarf. Lance and Keri decide to try “Cover” fully convinced that their charming personalities will help them sell helmets. Justin and Zev have located their correctly scarved woman and are on their way to the next location.

Brothers Sam and Dan find their correctly scarved woman. Flight Time and Big Easy pick up two ladies who are tourists from Pennsylviania who help them search the market for their correct scarf. Meanwhile poker chicks Maria and Tiffany are lost and in last place.

Monkey Business

The Roadblock requires one teammate to dress like a monkey and do an orchestrated monkey routine while local musicians play. Zev attempts the challenge, but Justin mentions that Zev has the moves of “an 80 year old man.”

Lance and Keri are wondering the streets looking for a family of four who want to purchase helmets from crazy Americans. The woman wearing the Globetrotters’ scarf was actively avoiding them in the market, but Big Easy spotted her dashing in the other direction. She must be a Washington General’s fan.

Brother Dan (I think, they look alike, and he was wearing a mask), breezes through the monkey challenge and passes Zev. Zev is exhausted, doesn’t want Justin yelling at him to hurry up anymore, and collapses into a heap.

Dan and Sam head to Wat Phnom, a Buddhist temple and the tallest religious structure in the city, which is the next pit stop.

While teams continue to circle around the market looking for their women wearing scarf, Lance and Keri use their pleasant voices to attempt to sell the helmets, as they show a family of 4 (two adults and two kids) riding on a single motorbike right past them, with no helmets, of course. Amazingly, Keri finds a family willing to buy the helmets. Lance owes her for that one.

The Globetrotters have relatively shorter Flight Time do the monkey maneuvers, as it would have been interesting to see enormously tall Big Easy trying to balance and bend over on the log as part of the monkey challenge.

Maria and Tiffany finally locate their woman in the scarf and are in last place heading towards the monkey challenge.

You’re Team Number 1, For Now

Justin and Zev are the first to locate the pit stop and are checked in as team number 1. They are very happy, high fiving Phil. Sam and Dan are team number 2, with Flight Time and Big Easy coming in third.

Zev and Justin realize that they don’t have Zev’s passport. They tell Phil that they have lost it, and Phil informs them that they’ll be out of the race if they can’t locate it before the final team checks in. There is some pressure for the guys.

I don’t recall a scene in this episode where we see them actually drop the passport, unlike how they showed us when Dallas and Toni had left theirs in a cab (well, Dallas had, as he was doing a Roadblock about Russian leaders at the time). They can’t remember what happened, if it fell out of Zev’s pocket or if Justin had it in his black bag. They call up their friendly cabbie (who had given them his card – amazingly) and retrace their steps, looking for the lost passport.

Brian and Erika check in, and are informed that they are Team number 3, so Zev and Justin have officially lost their first place spot. We don’t know if any team won a prize for arriving first, as they didn’t make announce any on the show (which would likely go to Dan and Sam as the de facto team number 1 this week). Maria was stressed out being a monkey. Lance does some crazy kick move entirely too close to the lovely Phil while more teams are checking in at the pit stop.

Maria and Tiffany are the last team to arrive, however, Zev and Justin hadn’t returned yet, so they are still in the race. Tiffany says she wishes they would be this lucky with poker, as they would be zillionaires. Zev and Justin are saddened that they cannot locate the passport and are eliminated. They seem like very sweet guys with a good friendship. Zev says that through the race he has learned that he doesn’t need to do a daily routine every day, that he can do different things and succeed at them. That is really great.