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Thread: 9/27 Premiere Show discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 9/27 Premiere Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by shania;3713380;
    Canaan brought up his Christianity and his high standards himself so it's fair game to question when there is a discrepancy like this. I'm not Christian bashing, just questioning his intergrity.
    Christians don't claim to be perfect. As a matter of fact, most are pretty aware of the fact that they AREN'T. There is no integrity issue so far as I can see. He just let his emotions get the best of him. Hopefully when he looks back, he will wish that he had managed his frustration better, but I hope that can be said about anyone who loses it on this show, Christian or not. Yes, he did say he had high standards, however, he didn't say that he always managed to live up to said standards. My standards for my behavior are quite frequently beyond my efforts to live up to said standards.

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    Re: 9/27 Premiere Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by mom2;3714273;
    Still on Team Poker. I hate that they lost their tourists, I hope that someone kept an eye on them. I did find it funny that a fan outed them to everyone, and they seemed to take it with some humor.

    Well THEY may think it's funny but the contestants who have talked about it are not happy about their lying--especially the kind of lie they told.

    And a lot of TAR fans out here aren't very enthusiastic about such a stupid and blatant lie either.

    Did they even think what the consequences would be when everyone found out?

    TAR isn't like a hand of poker. You can't just get up and leave the table when things stop going your way. You still have to race with ALL the people who know what stupid liars you are.

    BIG "strategic" mistake.

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    Re: 9/27 Premiere Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Well, Lance left a big impression. I don't like him. I see plenty of domestic violence in his future. What a domineering turd. He only loves himself. He was really abusive to his partner.

    Mika of Team Christian. Whoa, high maintenaince. Icky, and of course frigid. For some reason she reminds me of that girl in the movie Animal House who did something with her boyfriend with a pair of gloves on.

    As far as the poker girls. They are no team. Talk about slagging each other.
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    Re: 9/27 Premiere Show discussion *Spoilers*

    Another lance hater here; I don't forsee violence so much as a possible head injury when he tries to fit that overinflated cranium through a tight spot sometime during the race. not a fan of the bowing up and he-man antics, at all. yeah, we see your arms, get over yourself.
    the poker girls may be good at their regular game, but not at all on TAR. Hated them, want them gone. The only thing about them I enjoy is that they apparently are considering hooking up with the gay brothers
    I liked most everyone else, so far, except the first couple eliminated had already impressed me as airheads so their departure didn't bug me at all.
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