From the video on Elimination Station - they had to wait until Monday to get into the Embassy. Sounds like that was a few days after they lost it so there wasn't any way to even participate until they had the documents. While I understand the perspective MHcarrollton, they probably have the rule to always have your documents with you to keep to the race schedule as well as to not eliminate a team who is ready to go within the next 12 hours or post rest period. To me it isn't any different than coming to the Pit Stop without your last clue, following the directions on the clue (walk vs ride), etc. to go back and correct. In this case, the "correction" was to get the document and if they didn't get back before the last team checked in, they became the last team. Seems fair to me, even if I didn't like that it was Zev and Justin that had to go. I didn't know that they had to turn in all their clues at each Pit Stop until I saw the video, so that means there are lots of rules we don't know about and I have to believe that there are reasons behind them. I agree with Florimel, that if it was a team that wasn't as well liked, there would be less complaining of what happened. In any case, this is the best show on TV above all!