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Thread: 4/26 Show discussion Thread ****SPOLERS*****

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    Re: 4/26 Show discussion Thread ****SPOLERS*****

    Yeah. They were staring at Phil as if they don't understand what he's saying. I was just waiting for Jaime to scream, "Speak English!! Speak English!!".

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    Re: 4/26 Show discussion Thread ****SPOLERS*****

    Quote Originally Posted by smartguy24;3426652;
    What does it have to do with anything? Well, like I said, credentials. How else are we suppose to judge who is a better athlete? Did Colin run the Boston Marathon? Did he run the fastest 40 at an NFL draft combine? Does he bench 300lbs? Otherwise, determining where contestants fall on the "gifted athlete" scale is highly subjective. I can name about a half dozen other contestants who I would consider better athletes than Colin.

    I think, relative to Margie and Luke, Kisha and Jen did shake off the incident. Jen said her "bitch" part (which I see as college athletes behaving as expected (ie. trash talking in the heat of competition) as opposed to behaving "badly"), vented about it to Tammy and Victor (which is admittedly a minus), and if it was not coddled crybaby Luke and his over-protective enabling mother on the other end, not only do we not have the blowup on the mat we also wouldn't have Margie acting like she's in high school trying to paint Jen and Kisha with the evil brush to the other teams in the following leg.

    Thanks for this post which explains my ideas better than I did.

    When talking about athletes I was talking about a mindset and ingrained behavior based on innumerable competitions--you blow off steam in the moment and go on.

    Nobody holds a GRUDGE for heaven's sake the way Margie is doing.

    Imagine if she did this as a nurse? Not treating patients well because one of them ticked her off in some small way?

    I find Margie's mindset to be very adolescent over this--and Jen and Kisha being much more mature.

    It happened--they felt embarraassed about it and are moving on to the NOW of the race.

    That Margie clings to old hurts is very telling about her psychology.

    And it helps to explain why she keeps bringing up Luke's deafness--she hqasn't "gotten over" that either.

    Time to grow up Margie and to move on to life's NEXT task--not cling to the old ones that no one but you cares about.

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