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Thread: Jennifer & Preston - TAR 14

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    Re: Jennifer & Preston - TAR 14

    Quote Originally Posted by pfeifferdcat;3324969;
    I nicknamed them nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson. bye bye!
    Yeah, Nick and Jessica before photoshop!

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    Re: Jennifer & Preston - TAR 14

    I'm still in shock that they got eliminated first. It was kind of tradition that the bickering couple made their way into the top 3, minus a few exceptions like Nate&Jen from TAR12. But at least Nate&Jen still made it far. These two had potential to bring a lot of couple drama, and yet they managed to get eliminated first.

    Oh well, I like Christie&Jodi, so glad they stayed. I just wish that a NEL could be put in the first leg for once.

    On the other hand, if you guys tune into Elimination Station, these two are still going at it.
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    Re: Jennifer & Preston - TAR 14

    Another blonde named Jennifer. There seems to be one every season.

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