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Thread: Our Exclusive Interview with Gina & Sylvia

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    Our Exclusive Interview with Gina & Sylvia

    Fans of Reality TV’s Exclusive Interview with Gina and Sylvia - 10/3/02

    (editor’s note: Gina and Sylvia were wonderful people to speak with, and they sound like a great team who just had a series of small setbacks. Unfortunately, their call was from a terrible phone connection - we even got cut off once, so I’ve had to paraphrase a little bit here and there. If there are misquotes, it’s entirely my fault.)

    FORT = Me
    G = Gina
    S = Sylvia
    (p) = I’ve had to paraphrase because of the connection

    FORT: What did you enjoy most about your experience on the show?
    G(p): The skydiving was the best part.
    S(p): The skydiving, definitely.

    FORT: You made the decision to skydive with no hesitation, I wondered if you’d done it before.
    G(p): No, we hadn’t ever, but that’s part of the Amazing Race experience. You do whatever you can, and enjoy it.
    S(p): We never had a second thought about doing the donkey carts, and we were amazed so many people didn’t skydive.

    FORT: We saw you wishing Ken and Gerard “good luck” on the Fast Forward. Did you consider trying for it yourselves?
    G: We considered it, but Ken & Gerard decided to do it almost immediately. We knew they would get it easy, because they spoke fluent Spanish, it was in a business district – and we knew they’d get it, so we were going to take the chance that the Twins wouldn’t make the bus. We were playing the odds here. And if they don’t get back, then everybody moves up on that bus. We were hoping they wouldn’t make it back, and they’d be 2 hours behind us at that point, because they’d have to wait on another bus.

    FORT: Did you get to return home after you were eliminated?
    G: We had to stay the entire time.

    FORT: Was it difficult, knowing you’d been eliminated, but not being able to return to your family?
    G: I think it was very, very hard. But, it was a family decision that was made beforehand, so it was hard to be away, but like my husband said, “there’s always the chance you could be first.”
    S: That was a part of the gamble, we went on it and there were 12 spots and we were the first ones out. It was unfortunate, but that’s the way the chips fell for us that day.

    FORT: It looked like the guy you were following got lost. How long did you actually spend driving around, and was that the reason you came in last?
    G: Well, all 3 teams are driving around, and all 3 teams came in within 12 minutes of each other. That, too, was a multitude of little things happening that you don’t see. You don’t see all 3 teams stopping all the different times for directions, and running here and there. That van drive was a “minute here, a minute there”. We were on a one way street, we couldn’t even turn around, it was really narrow. We got an entire family to come out of their house and help us. That probably did it, because the Twins came in minutes before us, and probably the time we spent moving it around hurt us. Once we got turned around, we found it quickly. It’s hard because you don’t know what the other teams are doing.
    G&S(talking together): It could have been any of us. It was just a crapshoot. It’s probably why we’re pretty comfortable with it. It wasn’t like we were a day late, or hours behind – as they say, it was a race.

    FORT: Going back to the beginning of the race…It looked like you were near the front of the pack going to the airport, yet you were on the second flight. What happened?
    S: We could not get on the American Airlines flight – we should have, but I sat at that desk, and I talked to those American Airlines people for…an hour, it seemed like.
    G: And then, on the second flight, we were automatically at the back of the pack. AeroMexico was a direct flight, so we didn’t even bother with Continental at that point.
    (editor’s note: They didn’t mention a third flight option during the show, apparently because no one took it.)

    FORT: Last question. Historically, all-female teams have had a poor showing. Do you feel it’s possible for an all-female team to win, or is it too physical?
    G(p): I definitely feel like it’s not too physical. It’s a race that anyone can win.

    Thank you, Gina and Sylvia, if you stop by to read this. I’m glad you chose to compete, and sorry that you were the first eliminated. After having spoken to you, I wish you would have lasted longer.

    © 2002, Fans of Reality TV. This article may not be reproduced without permission from the owner of this site. Feel free to link to it, however.

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    That is great John!
    They seem like two great women. It would have been so hard to have not been able togo home after being eliminated!
    I was SO glad that they didn't hesitate in the jump.
    Way to go Ladies
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Wonderful stuff.

    I was really hoping an all female team would do well this year adn the soccer moms seemed the nicest pairing.

    Thank you to both of them for doing the interview with the site.
    Hopefully they'll really enjoy their press junket.

    Great interview John.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Great job, John! And thank you to Gina and Sylvia for taking the time to do the interview. They definitely get an A for effort on my part.

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    Great interview! I love reading their perspective on things.

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    Having a bad phone connection can be so frustrating. It's great that everyone kept their cool and that we were able to score the interview dispite the technical difficulties. A big thank you to the soccor moms for their patience and to John for being our own homegrown interviewing stud.

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    Great interview! I was crushed when the soccer moms came in last. I wanted the twins to go, partly because I could identify with the "soccer mom" perspective so much more than I could the "twin/model" one. No, I'm not a soccer mom, but my wife stays at home with our three kids.
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    I'm with you, Paulie... I was really hoping to see the Wonder Twins take it on the chin in the first episode...*sigh*

    Great interview, John!

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