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Thread: Route Markers for TAR 12 **Spoilers**

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    Re: Route Markers for TAR 12 **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Destron;2662192;
    Maybe the Speed Bump is some kind of extra task that a team must do but at least not waste time like the Yield?
    I wonder if the speed bump is as it sounds.... just something that affects their speed, not causing them to stop.

    So... instead of a time delay like the Yield, the team that it is invoked against has to take a different mode of transportation. So whereas most teams get to take a taxi to the Pit Stop this team has to run... or take a horse and buggy... or something like that?
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    Re: Route Markers for TAR 12 **Spoilers**

    My son and I were discussing real road signs and which ones could be incorporated into TAR. The best one we came up with was "Load Limit". They'd have to either:

    A. Remove x number of pounds from their packs (favors heavy packs), or

    B. Get their packs down to y number of pounds (favors light packs)
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    Re: Route Markers for TAR 12 **Spoilers**

    veejer ... that sounds like it would be a fun idea
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