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Thread: Tar12 **Spoilers And Speculation**

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    Re: Tar12 **Spoilers And Speculation**

    I actually came here to ask if there were any spoilers on the finale this Sunday, as to who wins, because last season (All-Stars) there was a whole list from Boot 1 to the winner, but I see that this season does not really have any info. I suppose there's no spoiler on the winner...

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    Re: Tar12 **Spoilers And Speculation**

    The only thing I've heard about the final is that the final leg does indeed take place all in one city (as opposed to the other years where they would do some stuff and then fly to the final city and have maybe one task before the final pit stop). Judging by the previews that final city is in Alaska.
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    Re: Tar12 **Spoilers And Speculation**

    Has anyone seen the commercial for this Sunday's finale? Something about a photo finish? Makes me wonder what that is all about and who is involved!

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