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Thread: 3/25 The Amazing Race Recap - Barfing Midgets Make Me Laugh

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    Charla dives into it with a fake Italian accent complete with hand gestures, asking "Just try please! You just dial beep beep beep" and I wish with all my might for that office lady to knock that annoying midget across the room.
    My sentiments exactly.

    Great recap Sunny!
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    --Charla & Mirna. You know at first, I was kinda glad they were back. They provided so many laughs the 1st time around. But, now I can't wait for them to go!!! Not only does all that whinning, crying, help us poor lost women, blah,blah,blah, get on my nerves, I want to vomit when they're on. Yea, it was hillarious when the suit of armour was fitted to Charla, but tell me why does she seem to do all the difficult tasks, is Mirna afraid of scarring her not so beautiful, face, body, etc. Maybe she should scar her personality. Last night just really urked me. Yea, I'm a Polak, I felt really infuriated when Mirna felt so unsafe in Poland. If she approached people with some sense of fiendliness (as she did in Spanish speaking countries), while in Warsaw, Krakov, etc, she'd find that a smiling face will open up the Poles. She or both, should have tried learning some Polish, since language learning tapes, or whatever, are available, but no, they both choose to whine and approach people with apprehension instead of friendliness. You know there are good and bad humans everywhere, but instead of being two of the good human species, they decided to use what seems to be their usual approach, WHINE, WHINE, WHINE. I for one hope they are next to go. As far as Joe & Bill, yeah, they have been putting a lot of people off too, but, they come across, when not under stress, as a good couple. LOL to them, sorry to see them go. I'm not really sure whom I'd like to see win; I favored Uchenna & Joyce before, and I believe that I'm once again leaning towards them. Oswald and Danny are running a close second, for the winning spot, so far. What do you think.

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