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Thread: 3/11 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    As Rob and Amber are one of my favorite teams I was very sad that Phil did not tell them it was a NEL. I guess even the best of teams can have one bad leg that will really mess you up. Hard to believe that they were first for 3 pit stops in a row and then came in last. As competitive as they are it was very nice to see them be such good sports about leaving.

    I guess that leaves Danny and Oswald for me to cheer on. I like the BQ's too, and maybe it would be great to have a TAR first and see an all female team win.

    I can't wait until Charla and Mirna are off the race. I didn't care for them too much last time, but really don't like them this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott;2275969;
    I'm willing to bet that Mirna/Charla left a little bit ahead of them. Probably not that big of a time gap but not close like the editors would make one believe. Rob sorting through the mail one by one could have been him knowing they were already out. Obviously they knew they were in last so that could be why they didn't seem to hurry.

    to my mind there must have been quite a gap between mirna/charla and romber as when charla and mirna got to the mat, uchenna and joyce were still there, but by the time romber got there, no one was hanging around, at least not that they showed.
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    This is what I view as one of the flaws in this show. Unlike the Burnett shows, the producers of this have done a great job of tweaking the formula while retaining the original concept, but I'd like to see NEL either be earned or based on merit (at least there's no longer mugging involved... that was just stupid). I have no doubt Charla & Mirna will burn through at least one NEL, while David & Mary were cockroaches who wouldn't die in their season, and giving them a second (and third) chance was just delaying the inevitable. Giving them a fourth chance didn't help matters any.

    Rob & Amber are second all time to Eric & Jeremy statistically, though if you ask me, they're still the better team. With Colin & Christie, I'd have to wonder just how well they would have done if he wasn't allowed to carry her and do everything for her. Same with Chip & Kim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pretlitdev;2276148;
    I'm probably one of the only people who like Rob and Amber. I loved Rob on his original season of Survivor, I loved them both on All Stars, and I thought they were cheated out of a win on their original season of Amazing Race. I was thrilled when I saw that they were coming back because I thought they played a really smart race the first time.

    Unfortunately, I think they got a little too complacent this leg. The Detour should have been easy-Rob actually mentioned that he hoped it wasn't a spelling mistake when the judge first told them that they were wrong-so why didn't they check the spelling?! Stupid mistake.

    I personally can't stand Charla and Mirna. I didn't like them the first time around. They did the same shouting/blaming/speaking slowly and in fake accents the first time around.

    Plus, I don't see why every team is making a big deal about lying/jumping in front of teams this season. Like last week, when Charla and Mirna were complaining about Guido driving off without them after they'd helped the men. It's a race for a million dollars-would you expect them to let you ahead in the last leg? No-it's the same attidude the backpackers had and none of them won their season. Same thing this week-teams got pissed because Amber lied to Charla and Mirna, but if it's a million dollars, I'd say my grandma died (flashback to Johnny Fairplay, another amazing player).

    Honestly, Romber, Guido, and Oswald and Danny were the only teams I like and thought were great players for the All Stars-so here's hoping one of the remaining two win!

    A team I'd like to see back-I believe they were on Romber's season, but the two boys who showed up to their elimination in Africa wearing swimsuits and fuzzy hats. Hilarious
    i pretty much agree with you except for the grandma bit and guido team in my pick. my choices were romber, the beauty queens and oswald and danny.

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    I am just going to chime in on Amber's lying to Charla and Mirna.
    I don't think it was wrong. And I thought in some past editions of TAR other teams have been deceptive to others too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyaltyBuff;2276691;
    On The Finish Line today, Rob commented that the clue to the Detour did not list correct spelling as a criteria to receive the next clue and in fact, the clue stated that the arrows had to point the correct way, which was opposite of what Phil said. Further, Rob stated that they had researched the sailing route and were confident they knew the order. That is why I believe he stuck to the task, rather than automatically switch after the first "no".

    Given that they did not know they were required to spell the names correctly, they didn't know until they watched the show last night why it was wrong.

    All in all, had the spelling not been the criteria (again, unknown to them), they finished fairly quickly and in correct order which would have made a huge difference.

    But, wait . . . didn't Rob say something like "I hope it's not the spelling"? And I don't think the direction of the arrows mattered as several teams had them going different directions and seemed to get the go ahead.
    What?! Am I still here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses;2276571;
    lol, is anything ever not 'big' to Rob when it involves him? As far as seeing the last of them... I'm happy to say that now that they're out of one of my favorite shows that I'd watch no matter who or what was on, then yes.. I, myself, have seen the last of them.

    My senttiments exactly.

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    There is no such place as "Philipeans" and as such, there is no way that Magellan could have visited it.
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    Yeah I can't Rob and Amber didn't notice they spelled "Philippines" wrong and its my country so i was amazed that both Rob and Amber didn't see their mistake. Oh well. My favorite team the BQ's are still in it

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    I have to say that initially I was not a big fan of Rob and Amber but they sort of won me over this season with the class that they displayed during this race.

    What I'm wondering is, is it just me or did Charla/Mirna show up awfully quickly at the post office? They were supposed to be 20 minutes behind but it certainly didn't seem that way to me. Maybe I'm just jaded by the fact that I truly cannot stand Mirna. I have never heard such a self-important hypocrite in all my life. My poor hisband keeps thinking I'm telling him to shut up when I'm really yelling at her!

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