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Thread: 3/11 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Rob and Amber served their purpse by getting the ratings up and causing contoversy on both sides. Good for them and best wishes to both of them. Time to move on.

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    I'm torn between being happy Rob is gone (I don't mind Amber as much but she was wearing on me too) and being annoyed that Mirna and Charla are still in. I was almost wishing a bolt of lighting hit the post office when both teams where in it. Rob's big problem was not double checking his work, he was so sure his spelling was right he couldn't be bothered to double check what he had written down.

    I do want to see those letters, some of them sound rather funny. "Hope this finds you in last place."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Imp;2276053;
    Wow. I expected a lot of hate towards "Rob and Amber, pseudo-celebrities", but in the TAR forums I at least expected a little more respect towards their gameplay. I still consider them the best team to have never won, despite this one bad leg that sent them home. I'm sure someone else more active on the FORT is more qualified than I, but are they not the most dominant team, leg by leg, in TAR's history?
    They're a good team, one of the best ones in TAR history, but putting them on some sort of superlative, never-been-touched pedestal isn't right either. Three first places in a row? Colin and Christie did that before, and that was part of an eight-leg run where they placed first six times, and second the two other times. BJ and Tyler did that as well (with the final one coming in at the very end).

    I don't consider them the "best team to have never won" either, there are a few other teams I'd consider before that. For a male-female team (like Romber), my choice is still Kris and Jon. (You could make a fairly good case for Colin and Christie as well with the numbers, too.) Statistically, they're better than Rob and Amber were in almost every way:
    - better leg finish average.
    - lower standard deviation (translation: more consistent in their placings.)
    - higher worst finish (fourth, twice; Romber's was fifth, also twice.)
    - same number of won legs (four)

    People remember how nice they were, and how close they came to winning, but tend to forget just how good and consistent they were all season long. The image of Rob and Amber as some all-conquering team is largely because other teams let their success mess with their heads, but the truth is other teams have been better. Some, but not that many.

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    Wow, I really thought that was going to be an NEL when I saw Rob and Amber coming in last. Did a bit of a happy dance when Phil said "I'm sorry to tell you...." And as far as strategy goes, I think the lie to Charla and Mirna was a bad way to go. It would have been more effective to run by Charla and Mirna without saying a word. Because of Romber's reputation, as soon as Amber shared information Mirna's BS detector went off. And bragging and laughing about the lie should have been saved for after the race was over, telling everyone about it during the race had no positive advantage for Romber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander;2276028;
    ...though I wish Mirna would just take a valium and chill a bit, but her telling Rob off in the Post Office..........Priceless.
    I think Rob had a good point at the post office. Why was charla allowed to give directions to mirna? A roadblock means only one team member can DO the task -- those two were collaborating in blatant violation of the rules of TAR.

    THAT would have been an ending for TAR -- to have Mirnashirmna show up at the mat and get their 30 minute penalty for breaking rules? Then Rob and amber come strolling along to finish just before them. Of course, when the harpies are last, it will be a non-elimination, just like last year with Kentucky...

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    Damn. This is the only time that I wished the producers had rigged the competition by altering this leg to be an NEL.

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    I don't agree that Amber is hesitant or submissive when it comes to dealing with Rob. I just think she knows it is better to be calm and logical with him, and he responds well to it. It doesn't show a lack of respect from him to her when she doesn't yell and scream to get his attention. In fact, I'd say it shows that he has a great deal of respect towards her. She knows how to deal with him and he listens to her (except when it comes to changing tasks - grrr!). I didn't think she was hesitant to chastise him or correct him if she thinks he's wrong. I loved how she forced him to admit that he did care about not being on the first flight, and that he wanted to come in first, which he sheepishly did. They seem to have a communication style that works for them as a couple, and in no way do I see him dominating her or treating her with disrespect.

    I think Rob was taking his time with the letters because he knew they were out of it. I've said before, I think the times between U/J and C/M were a lot closer than it seemed. Why else would U/J be RIGHT there to help Charla onto the mat? In contrast, R/A seemed to be walking up the path at the end, not running. If there were any indication they were still in it and it would come down to a footrace, believe me they would have been hauling butt. Still I wish they had shown more urgency as it definitely gave away that they were last.

    I was glad to see them go out with class, and with kind and loving words to each other. It was nice also to see them so thankful for the opportunity to run the race again. I hope Rob can find other ways to channel his competitive spirit, because it looked like he was so sad to be out of competing.

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    I'm sad taht Romber is gone just cause the other teams were so uptight about them. Still I don't want Uchenna/Joyce, Eric/Danielle or Charla/Mirna to win. Hopefully, all will be eliminated soon.

    I thought it was off that Rob and Amber didn't check the spelling it would have taken what all of 5 minutes to do and saved them doing the second task, don't know if that would have put them on the 1st plane though.
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    Yeah! I'm so happy! As soon as Charla & Mirna go, I can sit down and really enjoy the rest of the race. It's anyone's game now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by augie;2276188;
    Rob and Amber served their purpse by getting the ratings up
    Incorrect. The ratings for TARAS have been low. Not only has the initial viewership been lower for this season, but in the premier, viewers who tuned in at the beginning of the show started turning to other channels or stopped watching. It lost viewers both during the hour and was down compared to the previous two seasons.
    “The Amazing Race: All Stars” fell 27 percent from its premiere last February and 14 percent from its premiere in September to a 3.0, according to preliminary Nielsen Media Research reports.

    ...The show started by “taking the lead with an 8.2 rating and a 13 share, but its audience dropped by nearly a third in the second half hour, as ratings fell to a 5.8/9,” according to Nielsen...
    Since the season began, TARAS ratings have continued to be lower than the previous two seasons, and CBS has continued to come in 2nd to ABC in the time slot for Sunday night.
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