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Thread: 2/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowWindy;2256939;
    Actually with all the male/female couple teams in Season 5 (Chip/Kim, Colin/Christie, Brandon/Nicole), the females each did ONE Roadblock and they all happened to make it to the final 3. And I'm sure that's why the rule was changed regarding Roadblocks.
    I know Nicole,Christie, and Kim all get thrown a lot of flack for only doing one RB (and didn't Jaree do zero during TAR4?) Many people wonder whether those three teams would have been as successful and I think so. The RB's that they didn't do weren't that hard. In fact, I think Nicole and Christie completed one of the hardest ones. The only one that probably would have proved a challenge was the ascender, but I still think they could have beaten Karen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyrjar;2256890;
    I wonder if they made the rule up because of Colin doing all the roadblocks.

    I didn't like the trophy wife comment about Amber. Sure, she is beautiful (much more so than the more plasticky-looking BQ's, who are also less dumb than some less attractive contestants) but I don't think anybody got the boardroom thing solved faster than she did AND she was amazing on that giant construction machine.

    She pulls Rob back and she doesn't just put up with anything. I think she straddles the support and questioning line pretty darn close to perfect.
    I agree with you about Amber not being just a trophy wife but it was one of the BQ's that figured out and finished the Roadblock first.
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    That's one of the things that makes Rob & Amber such a good team. He likes to go wild and see how far he can push, and it's her role to reign him in. Sometimes they meet somewhere in the middle, sometimes he does whatever he wants anyway, but regardless, they discuss it calmly and rationally, without letting it distract them. Unlike most of the other couples, you won't see them having a meltdown.

    I don't think Danny & Oswald have the drive necessary to actually win the race, but they're well travelled enough to be a serious threat. That combined with an alliance with Romber should help them get far. I'd suggest that both teams have picked the best possible allies.

    I was praying her/Charla or David/Mary would go this week.. but hell I will take the 2 huge blubbering babies. I haven't been so happy to see a team go.. ever now that I think about it.
    Kevin was pretty good. It was Drew who was miserable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by momof2dogs;2256905;
    I would have loved to see Colin and Christie vs. Rob and Amber too - read somewhere else on this site that Christie is pregnant though (due very soon). Maybe that's why they're not on the show?
    I heard that too. There was a rumour flying around that they were going to allow a mixed guys team of Colin and Jonathan. Unfortunately, that never came to pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spockwhat;2257087;
    I heard that too. There was a rumour flying around that they were going to allow a mixed guys team of Colin and Jonathan. Unfortunately, that never came to pass.
    I think that is more of a fortunately, rather than an unfortunately. I can't even imagine the two of them together.

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    If I see Mirna screech at one more person, I'm going to personally jump into my TV and strangle her. She is by far the MOST annoying person on TV EVER!!!!! And what hippocrits - calling other teams mean when they are the WORST.

    I love Rob and Amber and Danny and Oswald. Hope they both go far. U/J get on my nerves as well as Kentucky.

    The thing I like about Romber is that they do the task without worrying about the other teams. Not once can I remember one of them every turning around and saying "so and so is here." The other teams should concentrate on their task and not worry about where or what the others are doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spockwhat;2257087;
    I heard that too. There was a rumour flying around that they were going to allow a mixed guys team of Colin and Jonathan. Unfortunately, that never came to pass.
    Ha, those two would kill each other. But hey, it would be fun watching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;2256750;
    I just don't get Uchenna and Joyce. I don't get their popularity and it is almost comical to see them race cause they think they have great racing skills and they both suck. As far as the shaving the hair crying fit. She acted as if someone had died. Get over it. I would have done it in a minute, after all it grows back. Can you just feel all the luv I have for Joyce?
    I think Uchenna comes across as a great guy, but I have nothing nice to say about Joyce except that the hair she has now is far nicer than the rat's nest that was cut off. If they are still struggling to make their marriage work, they should call it quits and go their separate ways. TAR is not a marriage counselor and we should not host a second pity party for them.

    I'm looking forward to the "fish" scene next Sunday.

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    I'm rooting for Romber and Eric/Danielle. I think Eric and Danielle are flying under the radar. I haven't seen much of them. I think Romber is playing a very good game. I hope they can keep it up. The other teams I either just don't care about or I despise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;2256869;
    Still I would have liked to see a race with Colin and Christie vs Rob and Amber.
    That was my dream as well. As far as I'm concerned Colin and Rob are the two most focused, driven, and smart racers we've seen on TAR. Having them go head to head would be really good tv. Personally I think Amber could kick Christie's ass in this race. Then again, we'll never know how Christie would have done with a lot of the roadblocks in their season because the rule wasn't in place yet evening them out.

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