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Thread: Teri and Ian - All Stars

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    Love Teri and Ian! They are my favorite team by far on All-Stars and I really hope they can take the mil.
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    I loved Ian's Big Kahuna comment. Teri doesn't seem to care much for Charla/Mirna. At first I thought the commet was just poking fun at their nickname but I'm not sure They seem to be having the time of their lives anyway and really enjoying the fact that they're back. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them go far into the race.

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    Always disliked them, but I can appreciate a good "Mirna and Shmirna" joke.

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    Well, I wasn't a Teri and Ian fan but that was a bummer of a way to go out. The flight situation looked like such misery - very dispiriting. But they kept it pretty much together and kept trying to the end.
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    Bye Teri & Ian...we will miss you you "Big Kahunna" Dirty Rat!

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    I didn't care for Teri and Ian (mostly Ian) the first time they raced. I appreciated them this time, and his toned down demeanor, and they were one of my teams to root for. Sorry to see them go.

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    Good team. Wish they stayed longer.

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