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Thread: John Vito and Jill - All Stars

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    JV & Jill were soo close, if only they had gotten to the detour faster :/
    I really hope they get back together, you could tell that race mode brought them back to their season. I wish they had made it farther

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    They were unlucky in not finding the detour until it was to late.

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    I've read a couple of post show interviews with these two. Sadly, it looks like they have no plans to get back together and that was never their intention coming onto the race anyway. By the sounds of it, they just wanted to strengthen their friendship. They also said they were about 15-20 minutes behind Drew/Kevin, and that many locals don't enter through the North entrance; they usually use the South entrance. So that, along with language barriers in trying to find the North entrance, seemed to be the final nail in their coffin. I just wonder if they found the right entrance sooner if they would have been saved.

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    Thanks for the information, karalott. I guess it is a bunch of "what ifs" at this point.
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    I really felt bad when they got eliminated. I like them and I also hope they become a couple again. The only good thing about their elimination is they got to spend alot of time together at the beautiful sequestville location. I don't remember where that is again...Alcapulco? I know it was somewhere beautiful. What's not to love about that!

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    I'm kinda glad JV & Jill got eliminated early. They're a very nice, likable team...but they weren't especially funny or entertaining. I feel like they weren't nearly as memorable as the other all star teams that got picked.

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