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Thread: 12/10 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers** FOR THOSE WHO STARTED 8 MINUTES LATE

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    It looked from Mary's hair that they were there for a while. Her hair is curly and it was frizzing a little and flat.
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LG.;2175032;
    Tom and Terry were there. I'm not sure about the cheerleaders, but I remember seeing Tom and Terry, and I think all the teams were there. I was just wondering if Bama were able to finish up the same day and how long everyone had to hang out waiting for them to arrive.
    I read on another site that they were over 2 hours behind when they finally showed up at the mat.

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    Julian Pyke
    Even if the bamas made it to the airport and plane ride with them, they would of lost. Go watch teh videos... they were like, "Do you know where teh enws studio with the big globe is?" (mind you, there are a few in New York liek it. I've been there)

    So... yeah.

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