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Thread: 11/5 Show Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by cannonballler;2133497;
    I think Amazing Race should try a show where they choose the pairings. Complete strangers having to work with each other to win a million dollars.
    Interesting idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by mswood
    Yeah, while it is possible something happened on the train before they left to the travel agency, but that is the only time frame to work with and they still had the use of his map and the travel agent and the flight info from him.

    They appeared to be upset that he had the gail to actually come look at their tickets (it is in fact right then that they say they aren't working with him).

    And yet at no point did they provide any help to Peter & Sarah.
    Whatever help they got from Peter was minimal and nothing they couldn't have easily gotten on their own. They had no intention of trusting his travel arrangements when they could work directly with the ticket counters. He never made reservations over the phone; just checked on times. Even in a strong alliance you rarely find full disclosure. If they weren't sharing their flight plans, Peter should have just written them off - not stuck his nose in.

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    There is no question that Peter's help was of limited nature (the type normally done by alliances on theshow).

    Peter shares the map with Dustin and Kandice and he also shares the number for a place to make reservations. And yes this allows both teams to make reservations, the map inables them to direct themselves (if getting lsot) with the hotel's address.

    Its not a tremendous amount of help.

    But it was help. And they did agree to help them in return.

    Now when they get to the hotel and tell teh agent to help them first before helping Peter & Sarah, there is nothing wrong with that. Neither team was expected to help the other by putting themselves at a disadvantage.

    Nor is it bad that both teams feel that they can't really trust each other. D & K immediately after agreeing to help them say they don't trust Peter.

    And Peter and the agent says don't screw him and that he worry's about them. He at least is open and upfront about his reservations (god, am I defended Peter....I need to shower, I feel dirty.)

    But really even if after they booked tehir tickets (their new tickets) just to confirm it wasn't that much to ask.

    And again, it is indicitive of how they race. They feel its okay to block a driver from verbally speaking to another cab driver (and frankly on your agreement to use a cab, their silence with other cab's is not part of the contract for services) but that the Bama girls are being unfair from tryig to stop locals from helping them.

    Thats hypocrisy.

    The other teams absolutely do not trust this team, to any degree. The Cho's think tehy lie, Bama hates tehm, Tyler & James and Rob & Kimberly think they are sneaking and not to be trusted.

    Yet each of those other teams (well only the Cho's with Bama) have some degree of trust with the other players.

    Compare that to how the teams feel about Tyelr & James. All the teams want Tyler & James gone. But not because they are sneaking and can't be trusted or they feel they are liars (and they have lied once that we know of). Its because they are a young fit male team.

    And I do like how strong there sense of competition is (I think theirs is actually the strongest), I just wish they were nicer and more respectful. In other words better sportsmanship.

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