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Thread: 10/29 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    From the very first episode, the Moms gave me the impression to be really embittered.
    Maybe they went through hardships (they are single moms, maybe they had tough times with their husbands) and unfair treatment (they are Black females, maybe they were victims of some racist behavior), or maybe they grew up, learning the dramatic history of their people (and that would make them hold a grudge against "white wealthy healthy fit and beautiful people". See how they "have to" confront with R&K, T&J and D&K who are good looking and fit, but they don't look for trouble with the Chos and D&M)

    I've seen a lot of people in France, behaving the same as them, considering something totally unfair when it's done to them, but they wouldn't blink before doing the same to their own interest.

    So I don't think it's strange. I think it's complete reality ^^

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    I just think that the moms are only in this for the money, they're not here to make friends or experience the world. They've emphasized this a few times about the financial issue so for them, this isn't about enjoying the world, demonstrating their prowess, or meeting new people (although they did). They want the money bottom line and nothing is going to stop them from doing so.

    I actually don't mind them frowning all the time (could just be their game face for all I know), its better than teams complaining about the places their as if they're too good to be there (e.g. Kendra). However, I can't stand them being such raging hypocrites about fairness and crap. Its the main reason why I depised the Weavers, they alienated themselves, which is fine, but don't proclaim moral superiority over others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mswood
    Now just because my Mom ran a house where we didn't verbally abuse one anotehr, didn't make us bland or booring or even prim and proper, we were quite a bunch of hell raiser and had a ton of fun.
    Now that's more like it! Thanks for sharing that. My mom and stepdad bickered all of the time. When we would mention it, they would give us a blank look and say "We're just talking." Ya, talking loudly.

    Using the pictures in the header, I thought it was set up as: top name/left pic, but Rob/Kim disputes that. I don't know the individual names of any of the same sex couples and 2 of them are my faves.

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    I refer to the larger of the 'Lyns as Oprah....for some reason she just reminds me of what Oprah looks like when she isn't wearing makeup!

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    Does anyone know approximately how far the boat was from shore?

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