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Thread: TAR 10 - Rob & Kimberly

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    I always thought Rob seemed like a cool guy, its just way more than just half the time his temper gets the better of him. Especially when he was in tears about just thinking post-race, I was immediately "Awww.. he actually isn't that hard after all."

    I think Kimberly is actually a really good racer, as in a much better one than Rob. Thus agreeing with poster above me, I really hope models come first and R & K come in 2nd. ;D Though I don't know about the relieved expression on the models' faces, because it might just be 'awh our friends are there all giddy'.. who knows ? ;P

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    I'm quite impressed that Rob and Kimberly have made it to the final 3. I didn't expect that. I think they play well together at times, but when they don't play well, they are miserable.

    It was sweet to see their intentions at the end to win the money and settle down and and start their family. That leads me to belive that they will still be together at the end whether they win or not. I didn't think they'd make it together half-way through this race, so kudos to them for sticking it out.

    But I don't want them to win either.
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    I hope your guys win TAR 10............ show the boys that you can do it......
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