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Thread: TAR 10 - Duke & Lauren

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    I'm so bummed for them. A class act team if I've ever seen one. Goodonya Duke and Lauren!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeDingo View Post
    Dude, lame, lame, LAME!! I haven't been this upset over a team being eliminated since the Gaghans back in season 8! I loved these guys to death!

    Even though they claimed that they were working on their relationship, I honestly thought they had the strongest bond out of all the teams. Lauren's a babe and... well, Duke's a babe too.
    The worst elimination came when the two girls had to roll out all the hay and were still doing it when Phil came over to tell them the bad news. I will miss Duke and Lauren
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    It was a shame that they couldn't find the coal roadblock. But they seemed to have problems with directions before (or am I remembering wrong?). And their lack of money didn't help. Oh, well. They seemed to have gotten something out of the race, relationship-wise, so that's good.
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    I was sorry as well to see this team be eliminated. However, I think the experience was great for both of them and brought them closer together which makes them "Winners" anyway!

    Unlike many teams who break up and get nasty because of the race.

    Best of luck to them both!
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    Although I liked this team I'm glad to see them gone simply because I couldn't stand Duke's hat!

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    There is a nice article in AfterEllen about this team. You'll also learn who they are rooting for. Here is an excerpt:

    AE: Duke, when you were interviewed on Amazing Race about your coming to terms with your daughter coming out to you as a lesbian, you got very emotional. You are clearly very fond of her. What made you react so negatively when she first came out? Were you concerned about what friends and family might think?

    Duke: I didnít really care about the people around me or about what they thought. It was more of a personal hurt.

    AE: Do you have anything youíd like to say to parents of lesbian children who, like yourself, have had to struggle to accept their children?

    Duke: Iím sure there are plenty of parents out there in the same position as me. People have actually come up to me who have seen me on the show, telling me they are in similar situations. If there is anything I could say that would help, it would be: Love them as a daughter. Deal with it, cope with it, accept it and move on. Life is too short to hold on to problems or grudges. We are father and daughter.

    Lauren: He brings a smile to my face! [Laughs.]
    Complete Article

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    I'm so sad for them...if only thay made it to the coal detour....the outcome will be different...

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