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Thread: Winners v. NEL

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    Winners v. NEL

    For those here with much more knowledge than I seem to retain please help me out. I've seen all the seasons. I had not seen season one except for the 2nd to last episode which made me want to watch the series from that moment on. I did get to catch it on GSN in reruns, but I can't remember.

    How many winners were saved by an NEL (or two) and then ended up winning.

    And how many 2nd place teams never had an NEL.

    I know it doesn't change who really won, but I've been wondering how that would play out. Of course if the winners had gone out in the leg that was NEL it would change all kinds of things that do effect even the people coming in 2nd.

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    I was watching 'Reality Remix' tonight and Kennedy said BJ/Tyler were penalized twice, more than any other winning team in TAR history (which isn't the best point, considering it's only one more time than the others). I know Chris/Alex and Flo/Zach were both saved by a NEL. Of course it would be three teams I hated that were that close to leaving I don't believe any of the others ever came in last in a NEL that went on to win.

    The only second place teams saved by a NEL were the Bransens, Colin/Christie, and Kelly/Jon.

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    Uchenna & Joyce were NEL in Jamaica when it was down to 3 teams.

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    I know Chris/Alex and Flo/Zach were both saved by a NEL. Of course it would be three teams I hated that were that close to leaving
    Technically they were saved by two, since they both came last in the leg before the finale.

    BJ/Tyler are the first team to survive 2 NELs since the mugging rule has been enforced (and without one of the NELs being Part One of the finale)

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    Season 2-Chris and Alex finish last on legs 6 and 12
    Season 3-Flo and Zach finish last on legs 9 and 12
    Season 7-Uchenna and Joyce finish last on leg 12
    Season 9-BJ and Tyler finish last on legs 8 and 10

    2nd place teams Tara and Wil, Teri and Ian, Rob and Amber, and Eric and Jeremy from those 4 seasons were never saved by an NEL

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