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Thread: TAR Avatars

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrocks View Post
    That's Look GREAT Bekka..
    What a nice Hippie poster it would make
    I wouldn't make fun of you...
    I don't know how to do what you have done or
    how to make avatars..

    Such talent here at the Fort!

    My hats off to all of you talented people

    Can I get me some of that Hippie Love

    thanks i would have done better if i had more pictures does anyone know where to get lots of pics of BJ and Tyler?

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    I used Paint to do my avatar. Nothing fancy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanda View Post
    I used Paint to do my avatar. Nothing fancy.

    your avatar is wicked cool
    and i use corel paint shop pro 5
    i just got it for my graduation present it cost $100!
    i don't know if that's a lot to you but it is to me

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    just a question

    how do you make and post an avatar online? sorry if your find my question stupid but i really don't know how...im not that an expert in this stuff

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    I know, You know, Space Invaders Champion, Asteroids Champion, GalaGalaGa Champion, Add It Up Champion, Titans Champion, Little Protectors Champion
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    It's pretty simple. Find a picture you like online. Right click and save it to your computer (My Pictures or something)

    Then, use a program to resize it. My favorite for resizing is ACDSee for windows. (Use enhance in that program and you can use Crop, resize etc)
    Then click file and Save as to save it it to My Pictures

    Come back here and in your user CP you can upload the avatar directly from your computer. Just use Browse and click on the picture you made.

    It sounds harder than it looks, just go step by step.

    And if you can get Photoshop, then you can really have some fun.

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