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Thread: The Accidental TARist Goes POSTAL (part 5)

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    The Accidental TARist Goes POSTAL (part 5)

    This week, we continue to bring you the postcards that the teams are sending home every time they're at a pit stop, letting friends and family know how they're doing in the race. We've scanned them here, and we hope they provide some added insight into the show!

    This is all a lie. We made these up, and we're not sorry at all.

    BJ & Tyler

    Fran & Barry

    Eric & Jeremy

    Ray & Yolanda

    Joseph & Monica

    Thanks to the following FORT staff members who contributed to this effort:
    Amanda, John, Lucy, Mariner, MissFilangi, mrdobolina, SueEllenMishke, Suncat, totoro, waywyrd and Yardgnome
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    These postcards are fabulous, great job everyone.

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    I can't believe you haven't gotten more than one rave - fantastic job, FORTers - we love these!
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    I loved BJ and Tyler's. Thanks alot for doing this, it was great!

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    bj/tyler should indeed have their own show.........maybe be hosts for globetrekker.....

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