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Thread: Joseph & Monica - Season 9

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    Thorpedo is Love Mrs Cwebb's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Hopefully Monica's breakdown next week isn't too dreadful, I'm not a fan of Team Frodo.

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    FORT Fogey GabbyG's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    I almost dislike this team as much as I disliked the Weavers.

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    FORT Newbie purpleflower's Avatar
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    Sep 2005
    I totally agree

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    FORT Fogey aname's Avatar
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    I liked this team at the beginning. But, as the race has progressed, these two have become increasingly annoying. He has a hot temper and gets frustrated with her, and she whines whenever she is challenged to do something she is uncomfortable with. She is the typical pretty girl who has never had to lift a finger to do anything even remotely repellent, and now she has to. This is good for her and I hope she learns from it. But will they make it as a couple - doubtful.

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    Thorpedo is Love Mrs Cwebb's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    What's annoying about Monica's whining and crying is its over the dumbest stuff!!! Carrying a swordfish and grabbing a lobster? BOOHOO! So scary! So hard! It must suck to smell like a fish all day. OMG the lobster is going to eat you alive! She just strikes me as a total priss that has never done a single thing in her life other than smile and look pretty. So the moment something requires her to exert a little bit more physical energy, she has a mental breakdown. Her hands are too clean to do anything.

    I really think she's just like Kendra, if not worst. I'd really like to see her in places like Senegal or India and see how she reacts, but lucky for her she hasn't.

    Edit: I just laughed when I reread their bio and Monica describes herself as independent....yeah sure.

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    FORT Fogey
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    Apr 2005
    Austin, Texas
    I was hoping she would start whining and then accidently swallow a mouthful of water. Now that would have been funny.

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    Both Joseph and Monica are quite dumb and rude towards some other teams. Crying baby Monica is so annoying, i hope to c her cry all day if they got eliminated.

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    What is with Joseph and Monica hating BJ and Tyler so much?

    Did I miss something?

    Monica is super annoying as she is either very up or very down and Joseph is annoying only because he is barely there.

    I think they are meant to be the new bad guys.

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    Kris&Jon 4 Life Nikki_Brandon's Avatar
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    The Carrie Underwood and Kris/Jon World
    Hmmm, it was going to be quite obvious that they were gonna get the heat for this spat with BJ and Tyler...But one thing I want to ask is that, if BJ and Tyler were so nice...why would they threaten Monica and Joseph with a Yield simply because they didnt give money to them...I thought that was quite mean too...

    Still, I cant stand Joseph and how he's shouting at Monica...But I'm still cool with Monica...Her whining hasnt really got to me just yet...Kendra was a hell lot worse snapping at Freddy most of the time and her crude remarks on the race...
    Well, I was thinking when he said, "king of the jungle," I was, like, "Well, during the first challenge you would still be lost in the jungle if Jim and I hadn't, like, led you out. - Brooke Struck on Judd

    Love is like the wind...You can't see it, but you can feel it

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    You Dare Question Me? OrangeDingo's Avatar
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    Mo: "I think we are going the wrong way."
    Jo: "WHAT!!!"
    Mo: "Look, here on the map, we are going the wrong way."
    Jo: "WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!!!"
    Mo: "No need to freak out. I just wanted you to pay attention"

    Dear Joseph,
    Anger management classes are a wonderful thing.

    Dear Monica,
    You ride a bike like a hobbit.

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