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Thread: BJ & Tyler - Season 9

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    Tyler made a video called "Kintaro walks Japan" by walking across Japan to impress a girlfriend.
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    I like them. They seem really off-beat and wacky. Not b/c they're trying, but b/c they just are. And the fact that they speak several languages including Spanish will help immensely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno View Post
    So BJ decided to move to California to pursue surfing, karate and frisbee!?!? Umm. Wouldn't that mean that he's jobless and hangs around the beach (or park) trying to be funny in hopes of getting spare change to eat?
    He's probably in downtown Santa Cruz..one of those hippy druggies who asks for cigarettes. Tyler told him all about the "free love".
    My thoughts exactly.

    I expect to hear this from them early on: "Dude! hide the stash, those customs guys aren't looking too friendly"
    "Dude, whip out your frisbee, maybe if we play with them or get a street dance going, they'll forget about looking in our luggage"
    "Sweet, dude. TOTALLY AWESOME IDEA"
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    I think these 2 are going to be fun to watch...unless they are so annoyingly wacko I end up hating them.
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    I just saw a preview with one of them wearing a peach shirt with ruffles down the front. I hope these two are entertaining and not just plain annoying!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post
    I just saw a preview with one of them wearing a peach shirt with ruffles down the front. I hope these two are entertaining and not just plain annoying!
    Obviosly, we won't know till we see them, but they look like the type who try too hard to be wacky. Kind of Gallagher- or Carrot Top-like. ( And before all you Gallagher and Carrot Top fans come after me, I think they are fun on stage, but I wouldn't want to spend time in real life with someone who was always working the props.)
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    I think these guys could be fun to watch, if they aren't too over the top. The picture looks goofy, but the bio doesn't make them sound that way.
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    i'm rooting for them!
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    i finally had time to check out cbs. they have short interview videos of each team. these guys are my faves so far. i think they are going to do really well. they didn't come off as overly goofy or annoying. not yet anyway. but one of them is wearing the same cherry pajama top i have. lol

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