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Thread: Danielle & Dani - Season 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott View Post
    Or the old couple teams, with the exception of Meredith/Gretchen (who I again say was due to very good luck on their part getting to the final 4).
    Umm...Teri and Ian came in second in their season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melverine View Post
    Umm...Teri and Ian came in second in their season.
    Oops, forgot about them (try to rack your brain through all the teams that have competed when you're in a hurry and you're bound to forget a few).

    Maybe if they would get all girl teams who:
    1. Have at least one brain between them.
    2. Can drive a stick shift and have a sense of direction.
    3. Have a seen a map before.
    4. Can navigate.
    5. Aren't afraid of __________ (fill in the blank).

    I know there are intelligent women out there who have some athletic ability, can read a map, drive any kind of car, aren't afraid of anything, and can get along together while competing.

    Where do they find these stupid bimbos they keep putting into the race - or do they just choose them because they are stupid bimbos. They never even come close to winning and don't set a good example of how women can work together and achieve a goal. It really irritates me.
    I think Lena/Kristy were a strong female team. I also thought Heather was pretty competent and with a different partner maybe would have done a little more better (putting the walk to the PS clue and the fact she said she wanted to play up the dumb female role aside ) I'd like to have some sort of happy medium. On the one hand, if every team was strong, competent, good at map reading, sugar coated their relationship and American travel persona, didn't have any fears, and could do anything and everything there was when it came to traveling, I don't think this show would be quite as entertaining, and that's most likely why they rarely cast people like that. I think it adds something to the show. When you look at how they've typecasted the same teams in the past, they've pretty much been carbon copies of each in just about every way. I think that's the angle the producers go for. And as the saying goes, sex sells, so I don't think they care so much about having two competent females as they do casting them as being dim witted and worried about using their looks over anything else (and of course, flirting. BVM and Phil talked heavily about the relationship between Eric/Jeremy and DD pre-show). On the other hand, I hate seeing a strong team go out early on and a weak team who doesn't know right from left survive. But I figure strong or weak, as long as I have someone to root for who cares about how good they are at all that stuff
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    jus saying its getting old seeing the f/f teams get pagonged.

    amazingly, the kwins didnt follow any other female teams around but seemingly finish 2nd to last most every leg. They wouldve finished 2nd to last on the elimination final 5 again if they picked the right detour there, putting them in the final 4 with bowling moms (not talking about the bowling mom impersonators when i say that)

    in the words of "bushes brain", How did this happen?

    Debbie/Bianca, Lena/Kristi, Godlewskis, Mirna/Charla, and Nancy/Emily had the best potential. Unfortunately for N/E, the first season had UN-equalizers and even if they made final 4 or 3, the hours of operation would screw them out like it did to K/D and Guidoes. In the forth season at least it was avoidable being 24 hours behind in the final.
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    It was really sweet of Phil at the philimination to annoint these two the fastest hos in TAR history, in nicer terms of course.
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    I was happy to see these two go. They irritated me from the beginning. I can't wait to see the looks on Eric & Jeremy's faces when they find out that they were eliminated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muggle View Post
    It was really sweet of Phil at the philimination to annoint these two the fastest hos in TAR history, in nicer terms of course.
    See, they are smart. If you are going to give some out, why wait for it. Its a RACE, after all.

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    Bleagh, disappointed that an all-girls team failed to deliver again. Haha, it was their own fault that they got eliminated though.

    Perhaps, they can get Danielle from Survivor: Exile Island and Danni from Survivor: Guatemala to form a team on the next Amazing Race, and an all-female team will go far.

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    Has there always been a team from NY on TAR?

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    glad to see them go also. they're not doing much anyways and are not worth remembering aside from the fact they are eric and jeremy's "companions".

    how stupid was that? she already finished the statue before ray came to do it and she ended up losing??? well of course they didnt know that there were spare pieces. but still, really stupid i should say...they deserved to be eliminated.

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    Remus Lupin

    Double-Ds Denied on Amazing Race

    by Rochell D. Thomas

    Last week Danielle and Dani "the Double-Ds" became the fourth team to be eliminated from CBS' ninth edition of The Amazing Race (now airing Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET). But before the Staten Island bartenders got the boot, they raced from Colorado through Brazil, Russia, Germany and Italy in five days. Oh, what a ride! The day after their swan song aired, the gals talked to TVGuide.com about their Amazing ups and downs... and why the slacker frat-boys team gets their vote.

    TVGuide.com: How did you sell yourself during your Amazing Race audition?
    Our line was, "We're competitive bitches and we look hot in bikinis!"

    TVGuide.com: Ah. Then later you were nicknamed the Double Ds. For the record: What are your cup sizes?
    Danielle: I wear a 34D.
    Dani: 34C.

    TVGuide.com: Are they real?
    Of course they are!
    Danielle: We're blessed. It's amazing what a little water and sunshine can do.

    TVGuide.com: In Brazil you tried to use your looks to get ahead. How far did you think your breasts were going to get you?
    We overestimated how far our boobs would get us. America's much different than the rest of the world. In America if you walk down the street in a tight shirt and jeans, you can get anything you want. In other countries, it's not like that. We found out on the first leg of the race that that wasn't going to be the way to go.
    Danielle: Maybe if we were in a hot place where we were able to wear bikinis, it would have helped, but we were in cold damn Russia, wearing a lot of fleeces.

    TVGuide.com: What was going through your mind when you got lost in Germany for a third time?
    How ridiculous it was that we kept getting left in the back of the pack.

    TVGuide.com: Why didn't you just take the lead from Wanda and Desiree?
    At that point, we didn't want to go a separate way and maybe have a local help them find the way before us.
    Danielle: We knew we were probably in last place, so we wanted to go neck and neck with them and then break away, so we could race ahead of them. That was the strategy.

    TVGuide.com: Dani, how did you manage to forget your pack in the locker room in Russia?
    I was just trying to get my pants on. Honestly, I was hoping my teammate, since she wasn't under as much stress as I was, would pick me up. After she climbed down her building [in Brazil], I had her bags ready and a glass of water waiting for her.
    Danielle: But I wasn't in the dressing room with you!
    Dani: She didn't remember anything. She just ran out of there as fast as I did.

    TVGuide.com: Eric and Jeremy made it sound like things got a little frisky in Russia. Who hooked up with whom?
    Eric and Jeremy were trying to look cool on television. They wanted to make it seem like something went on. We were all friends and we all hung out together. Danielle got along with Eric more, and I got along with Jeremy more.
    Danielle: Flirting helped create an alliance.

    TVGuide.com: Are they good kissers?
    Dani: When you find out, let us know! There was a lot of flirting and maybe a little cuddling on the plane.... That's about it.

    TVGuide.com: How did you feel when you saw them say stuff like, "We gotta make the girls feel good so we can get in their pants later"?
    We didn't know they were saying those things behind our backs. Knowing them, they were probably just joking around, but people who don't know them are like, "Those guys are jerks! They're perverts!"

    TVGuide.com: Danielle, how did you get over your stick-shift-driving problem in Italy?
    It took me 20,000 years, but eventually I figured it out. There was a lot of stalling and braking going on.
    Dani: Not to mention we both didn't realize the emergency brake was on. We almost burned out the engine!
    Danielle: We almost didn't have a car to drive.

    TVGuide.com: I was proud you didn't boo-hoo on the pit-stop mat.
    There was enough boo-hooing on the way to the pit stop. And when we got yielded.
    Dani: We knew we were last. The whole time we walked down to the pit stop, we were just talking to each other about how it had been a rough ride and how if this was the end, we were ready for it.

    TVGuide.com: Which was your favorite leg of the race?
    Brotas in Brazil we did a lot of things that day involving strength, like climbing a waterfall and climbing outside a building. That was really cool and one of our good days.

    TVGuide.com: Whom would you put your money on to win Amazing Race 9?
    We're rooting for the frat boys and not just because we like them!
    Danielle: They're hard players and are really smart.
    Dani: They're the only team that stuck by us and tried to help us out.

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