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Thread: Lake & Michelle - Season 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajro62 View Post
    bummer that they got eliminated.....he did own up to his behavior today on the early show.
    Personally I would rather be called bitch instead of the c word. I don't know about you if someone shoved a map in my face while I am trying to drive I'd snap at them too

    Personally I'd rather not be called either. I am an equal partner in my marriage. My husband respects me, consults me and treats me with love and compassion and I reciprocate. If he called me either word, there WOULD be repercussions. The man would have to close his eyes to go to sleep at some point and then I would strike!!!!!
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    Thank God these two are gone. Lake-lak-thuh-ocean was a stereotype of the big stupid American, and I can honestly say I have never come across a more childish adult. Watching him rage and freak out constantly just reminds me of babysitting my two cousins. They're four and six by the way! His wife was not much better, either. Who could stay married to a guy like that? When he wasn't drawling "Shut up, bitch!" He was flipping out over things beyond her control. So glad the hippies managed to scrape by on the skin of their teeth!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jelani View Post
    He threw out the b word before they even got in the car. He did have a right to be mad when she shoved the map in his face while driving...but he called her a b**** before they even got in the car when she said that she handed him the directions when he swears she didn't
    Yep, he definitely called her that before the map incident. It was like his good morning to her right off the bat when they started that leg of the race.

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    oh good riddance!!
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    Lake and Michelle you guys ran a great race. I appreciated your enthusiasm.

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    Having watched the unaired footage on CBS now, Lake really seems very Dr. Jekyll/Mr.Hyde. During the tasks he got all super amped and full of testosterone and behaved like a child on Red Bull...but from everything else I saw in the extra footage on the site, he was rather calm, quiet and laid back in the more down periods (such as when they were travelling.) He came off as an epitome of the big dumb American in a lot of the tasks, and it really is a shame they didn't actually SHOW more of their quiet and homey sides so that people could have gotten a more rounded view of them. I know I wouldn't have been so damning (even though he did treat his wife significantly less than respectfully during the race.) Just knowing that he wasn't loud and rude ALL the time would have made a difference in people's perceptions. Ah well...I guess that's reality TV editing for you.

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