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Thread: 11/8 Recap - I Threw My Mom In the Biggest Pothole in the World

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    11/8 Recap - I Threw My Mom In the Biggest Pothole in the World

    Afterschool Special: I Threw My Mom In the Biggest Pothole in the World
    This recap is brought to you by the Number Two.
    (Two hours, two recappers, more than two days late...hopefully it will get more than two reads.)

    Last week on The Amazing Race, Papa Paolo proved his strength, the Weaver's were Yielded by the 'Cleavers', and the Godlewski's overcame the odds and placed 4th after starting the leg with no money. Who will be more annoying: The Weaver's, the Paolo's...or the screechy-voiced Godlewski's? Will the Bransen's ever do something memorable? Will we ever be able to tell the Linz boys apart!?

    Nestled in beautiful Quepos, Costa Rica, the teams will each get $310 for this leg of the Race, which will unfold as follows:

    1. Find Playa Maracas. One team member must swim to a buoy to get clue.

    2. Travel 60 miles by taxi to the town of Grecia and locate La Iglesia de Metal, a structure brought from Belgium in the 1800's, where an altar boy will hand them the next clue.

    3. DETOUR: Brush or Barrel. In Brush, teams must travel 10 miles by taxi to an ox cart factory in Sarchí. They will then have to hand paint two wagon wheels using a pattern that has already been started. When the artisan approves, they will receive their next clue. In Barrel, teams must travel 10 miles by taxi to a sugar cane factory. They will have to hand load one ton of harvested sugar cane on a cart, then transport by tractor six miles to a rum factory. Once there, they will need to locate a marked rack and search the rum barrels for their next clue.

    4. Fly to Phoenix, AZ, locate the marked SUV's, then travel 14 miles to the Bondurant Superkart School, where they will receive the next clue: a ROADBLOCK. One team member must complete 50 grueling laps around the track in the hot sun, and must stop after the 25th lap for a required pit stop.

    5. Drive 32 miles to Fort McDowell, the beautiful Yavapai Nation reservation and also the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.

    The Paolo Family
    The Paolos are the first team to depart for Playa Maracas at 7:27 am. As they start hoofing it towards the beach, Marion says that she’s trying not to think about the pain in her legs. What she really wants to say is that she’s trying not to think about what a pain in the ass DJ is. DJ lets us know that there are things his mother does that drive him nuts. Really? We would have never guessed. Insert your own family insults every other line. We are just going to hit the highlights.

    At the beach, Tony volunteers to swim out to the buoy and get the clue. This decision turns out to be a mistake as the strength that makes Tony a good garbage man does not translate well to swimming. Tony ends up clinging to the buoy as his head bobs under the water and he is passed by both Wally Bransen and a Linz. Eventually, two rescue swimmers come to Tony’s aid and give him life jackets to help him swim back to the beach. Meanwhile, DJ is on shore complaining about why his dad said he could swim. He does eventually pick up Tony’s backpack to carry it for him.

    Once Tony finally makes it back to shore, the Paolos catch up with the other two teams who are trying to call for taxis. Tony takes over and gets taxis for all three teams. The Paolos are the second team to get the detour clue at La Iglesia de Metal. They don’t hesitate in picking Barrel which leads Marion to crack that she’ll have more muscles than brains by the end of the Race.

    Although the Paolos fall behind the Linzes in loading the sugar cane, they finish the task fairly quickly and are the second team to get the clue that tells them to fly to Phoenix much to Marion’s dismay. Marion exclaims that she wants to go to New Zealand. Totoro and Mariner want to go on Marion’s Amazing Race. Well, as long as DJ doesn’t get to come and we get a roll of duct tape for Marion’s mouth.

    The Paolos are also the second team at the airport. The fact that Delta won’t let them buy tickets on the same plane as the Linz family ends up working to the Paolos advantage. The Paolos secure seats on Taca Airlines with a connection through New York and are scheduled to land in Phoenix at 9:20 am fifteen minutes ahead of the Linzes. The Paolos appear to be most disappointed by the fact that the Weavers obtain seats on the same flights. In fact, the Paolos expend a lot of energy on trying to make sure the Weavers won’t win. At one point, DJ ends up cornered by the Weavers who give him grief for yielding them during the last leg. If it were anyone other than DJ, we might have felt sorry for him or her.

    Although the Paolos are on the second flight to arrive in Phoenix along with the Weavers and Bransens, this is where things start to go really wrong for the family. The Paolos are the last team to get off their plane. They then waste a lot of time looking for the trucks. We are sure everyone will be shocked to know that there is a lot of bickering among the Paolos as they wander around the airport. The lowlight is probably Marion telling DJ that she hopes he never gets married because no one would put up with his nonsense. Apparently, she is counting on Brian to produce grandkids for her to dote on. By the time the family finally finds their truck, they are in last place.

    The Paolos are also the last team to arrive at the Superkart School. DJ performs the roadblock but is unable to gain much time on the other teams. The Paolos leave the School last. However, Brian is confident that he knows where the pit stop is and gives Tony precise directions. The Paolos assume they are the last team to arrive at Fort McDowell and layer on clothing in case it is a non-elimination leg. As Tony finishes pulling on a pair of tighty whiteys over his shorts and Marion secures her granny pants over her clothes, another truck arrives. The Paolos sprint for Phil and arrive ….

    The Linz Family
    Departing second from Playa de Maracas at 7:28am, they send Nick to swim to the buoy. He quickly gains on and then passes the marooned Tony Paolo. The siblings set off to find a phone to call a taxi, but have problems using it. Tony Paolo comes to the rescue, and they hop into the first taxi, off to La Iglesia de Metal in Grecia. They recognize that there is a funeral in progress at the church, and remain fairly quiet while retreiving their next clue, a Detour.

    Initially, they choose to do Brush, but then reconsider and opt for the more physical Barrel. They have a good system with the sugar cane, with the boys throwing the stalks on the tractor, while Megan straightens them out. On the tractor ride to the Toneleria, they all joke about how it's like going on a hayride at their aunt's house, and once there, they quickly find a marked section of barrels. In a moment eerily similar to Derek Zoolander trying to get the files out of the computer ("They're in the computer?!"), they bang on a barrel and then attempt to pry open one with some nearby tools. Soon, one of them realizes that the pour spouts open easily, and they find the clue hidden inside.

    Megan rejoices that they are returning to an English-speaking location when they discover they are flying to Arizona. They maintain their lead and arrive first at the airport, scoring a flight on Delta. They will fly to New York, then Phoenix, arriving at 9:35am the next day. Even though they are the only team able to get a flight out with Delta, it turns out that if they had shopped around a bit they would have gotten an earlier arrival time from Taca Airlines. Ultimately, they are the last team to arrive in Phoenix, but they luck out and locate their SUV before the Paolos and make it to the Bondurant track in 4th position.

    Tommy, who has the inexplicable nickname "Bones", opts to do the laps and has a blast the whole time. At one point about halfway through, he clips Mama Weaver's kart causing them both to come to a brief stop. Bones finishes the Roadblock in 4th place and they rush off to locate Fort McDowell Adventures. They are neck-in-neck with the Godlewskis and Weavers, and they arrive at the Pit Stop...

    The Bransen Family
    The Bransens leave the pit stop at 7:29 am. Lauren tells us that it is a struggle for her dad to let her and her sisters do things in the race. She thinks he needs to understand that it has to be a team effort for them to succeed.

    Although the girls appear skeptical when Wally volunteers to swim for the clue at the Playa, they let him perform the task. Before hitting the water, the cautious Wally changes his shoes. His girls encourage him by shouting to Wally that he is a skinny fish. He looks neither skinny nor like a fish but what else are his daughters going to say? A tired Wally the fish emerges from the water in second.

    The Bransens get the third cab to arrive in town and have no trouble finding the church. Once they receive the clue, the Bransens decide to paint. They don’t have nearly as easy a time finding Saarchi. Their cab driver is clueless and wastes a lot of time driving them around in circles before she finally gets directions to the shop. Once there, they try to paint fast. Before they finish both the Godlewski and Weaver families have shown up. The Bransens are the first to complete the task and get their clue although they are now third behind the two teams who chose the barrel detour. On the way to the airport, Wally admits he was a slow painter and held the team back.

    At the airport, the Bransens get help from the Paolos and end up on the same flights. They are the first team off the plane in Phoenix and thus in second place when they land. The Bransens run through the airport and have no trouble locating the marked trucks.

    They arrive second at the Superkart School where they decide that Wally should do the roadblock. Wally drives like a dad and gets passed by both Michelle Godlewski and Tommy Linz. Nevertheless, he finishes the 50 laps second. Once they are back in their truck, Wally instructs his daughters to head back on 10 so they can hopefully find someone to ask where Fort McDowell Adventures is. In keeping with their karma this leg, the Bransens get really lost. They eventually stop at a Ramada Inn where a sweaty and frazzled Wally loses patience with his girls when they insist on getting back in the truck instead of letting him call for directions. The Bransens finally head in the right direction and find Fort McDowell Adventures where they spot another team in the parking lot. Wally and his girls finish the leg . . .

    The Godlewski Family
    The Godlewski sisters are the fourth team to depart for the Playa. Tricia acknowledges that they argue but thinks it’s good that they aren’t in denial about their problems. She says that they know they need to pull it together.

    Sharon swims to the buoy for the clue. She struggles a little choosing to float on her back for awhile but no rescue swimmers are necessary. As the Godlewskis are walking back to town, an exhausted Sharon says that she is still shaking. The sisters get a cab with no problem. On the way to the church, the Godlewskis admire the landscape and talk about how romantic Costa Rica is. The sisters then snap back to reality and acknowledge that they are here with each other so romance is out of the question.

    Once they get the clue at the church, the sisters quickly choose to paint because they are all good at painting. Their cab driver has no problem finding the paint detour. As it turns out, being good at painting may actually have hindered the Godlewskis. They worry too much about being perfect and criticize each others work instead of just concentrating on finishing the task. When the sisters finish and get their clue, they are in last place.

    At the airport, the Godlewskis are excited to catch up with all the teams other than the Linzes. The sisters are on the same Taca flight to New York as the Paolos, the Bransens, and the Weavers. They think they are also booked on the same flight to Phoenix because that’s what the ticket agent told them in Costa Rica. However, when the Godlewskis approach the America Worst desk to try to get seats closer to the door for the flight to Phoenix, they learn that the airline has no record of their reservations and that the flight to Phoenix is full. The sisters are clearly distraught and bemoan their luck.

    The sisters’ fortune soon begins to change. They learn that there is a flight to Phoenix from Newark that is scheduled to arrive in Phoenix at 9:20 am also. The Godlewskis scurry to Newark where they are able to get tickets on the flight.

    As they run through the Phoenix airport on the way to look for the trucks, one of the sisters remarks that they are 45 minutes early. They have no trouble finding their truck where one of them remarks that it is hotter than snot. After getting directions from a pay booth operator, the sisters suddenly decide that they are smart. More like lucky but whatever. Once at the racetrack, Michelle does the roadblock. She seems a little tentative at first but really seems to have a blast and even passes Wally Bransen at one point. A very sweaty Michelle finishes first and the sisters get their clue.

    In the parking lot, a man offers the Godlewskis a map. The sisters take democracy too far and insist that Michelle look at the map rather than just relying on Chris’s directions. As a result, they start off headed the wrong way. Before too long, the sisters ask for directions and backtrack to 87 North. The Godlewskis arrive at the pit stop at about the same time as the Weavers and the Linzes and reach Phil . . . .

    The Weaver Family
    They are the last team to leave Playa Maracas at 9am and Rebecca boasts that it's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you're not. She wonders why they should make buddy-buddy friends - they're competing! Rolly is chosen to swim to the buoy for their clue, while Linda prays for his safety. Getting back to town, Linda asks God to help them find a payphone.

    They are successful in locating and using the phone and when the cab arrives, they let out a volley of "Rapido! Rapido!" to their driver. Linda uses proper Spanish to ask his name, which they then use to torment the poor man with cheers and demands to go faster. Arnold, the hapless driver, doesn't look amused so much as irritated at their general noisiness, but he seems compelled to get them out of the cab ASAP, and they make good time in getting to Grecia. They scramble (yes, noisily) to the altar boy to get their clue, and I hope that that funeral was over by the time they got there.

    At the Detour, they choose Brush, and Linda cheers the kids on, asking "How much do we love painting?!" while Rolly gives a semi-sarcastic thumbs up in the back seat. Rachel declares that they can "do more of the monotonous stuff than the strength stuff." They quickly get to work on painting, and while there is some bickering between the girls about following the pattern, they generally seem to just slop the paint on and ask the supervising artisan if it is good enough. He sends them on their way with the next clue. As they are leaving, they laugh that they arrived after the 'Desperate Housewives" and finished before them.

    Arriving 4th at the airport, they quickly spot the "Cleavers" and head off to get in the same line at Taca Airlines' ticket counter. They score the same flight, arriving in Phoenix at 9:20am with a stop-over in New York. While at the airport, they circle DJ Cleaver and harrass him about why the Paolos yielded them, especially since they were already in last place. DJ explains that they were "definitively trying to knock a team out" and the Weavers react as if he just killed their puppy, jaws dropping and gasps all around. Linda appeals to DJ, saying they should just be friends. DJ logically explains that at this late stage of the game, being friendly won't get you the prize. Linda does a 180 and retorts, "Well, you don't have any Yields left, and we do, Sweets."

    They arrive in Phoenix in third place and quickly fiind the SUV and appropriate freeway. As they drive to Bondurant, they wonder why they keep returning to race tracks, which is actually a very good question. Linda tells the kids if this is a Roadblock and if it involves driving a race car, she'll do it. Rachel wonders what state they are in, again? Rolly correctly tells her they are indeed in Arizona. As they arrive at the track and discover that the task is exactly what they feared, they hope that they at least beat the Desperate Housewives there. As Linda is getting suited up, she tells the rep from Bondurant that her husband was killed by a race car and she someone to be compassionate with her. The girls cry, mom assures them not to worry, and they in effect completely drown out any instructions being given by the rep. In the end, he just tells her to remember to breathe. Linda stoically does her laps, and without much incident, other than when she is clipped by Bones.

    The Bransen girls and Godlewski girls talk about how they feel bad for the Weavers, considering their loss. A few of them go over to offer comfort and words of encouragement to the Weaver kids. After they have left, Rebecca tells the camera that she HATES the Desperate Housewives because they are so annoying and they lie. Linda finishes the laps in third place and tells her kids that she almost threw up and she was "just about dead", which in my humble opinion, isn't so very compassionate of her to say to her kids, considering their loss. I'm just saying.

    On their way to the Pit Stop, they pass a garbage truck, and joke that the Cleavers are riding in it. "Arizona's Finest," quips Rebecca. They arrive at Fort McDowell simultaneously with the Godlewski's and the Linz's, and it's a footrace to the Pit Stop, where they arrive....

    Finish Order:
    1st- Godlewski Family, and they also win a trip for four to Belize, in a resort/adventure center/spa, nestled at the foot of the Mayan Mountains.
    2nd- Weaver Family
    3rd - Linz Family
    4th - The Paolos arrive wearing their spare underwear over their clothes.
    5th - The Bransen Family. However, this is a non-elimination round, so they will get to race on, sans money and belongings that are not already on their back.

    For this leg of the Race, all teams (except the Bransens) will receive $73.

    1. Travel 33 miles to Mesa and find the Williams Gateway airport. Once there, they'll make there way to Fighter Combat International, where they will find a ROADBLOCK. One team member will fly in a fighter plane, and under pilot instruction, they must take control of the plane and execute a 360 degree loop. Once successfully completed, the plane will land and they will receive the next clue.

    2. Teams must now travel 277 miles to the Grand Canyon and find Lipan Point to locate the next clue.

    3. Travel 137 miles to Page, AZ and find Glen Canyon Dam. There they will pick a guide and traverse to the top of the dam for the next clue.

    4. DETOUR: Bearing or Bailing. Both tasks take place on the river. In Bearing, teams will travel by motorized raft to a marker, where they will find a compass and a color-coded coordinate. They must follow the coordinates by raft, finding three total to get the next clue. In Bailing, teams must travel by motorized raft to locate a group of submerged boats. The must bail out one boat using only their hands and the tools provided (small cups and puny hand pumps), then drag the boat across a nearby finish line.

    5. Drive 14 miles to Lake Powell, find an area called Antelope Point, and search Horseshoe Bend in a small boat until they find Phil on a house boat, which is also the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race.

    The Godlewski Family
    The Godlewskis are the first to depart Fort McDowell at 11:43 pm. Sharon tells us that it’s getting down to the nitty gritty and the strong teams are going to start to emerge. She feels confident that if she and her sisters act as a solid unit, they will be unstoppable. We hope that part of being a sold unit is losing the squealing and shrieking.

    The sisters get off to a smooth start on the way to Mesa to find the airport. Things soon change and they start acting like, well, sisters and getting on each other’s nerves. By the time they finally find the airport, they are the third team to arrive, and the sisters grab the number three.

    Sharon does the roadblock and appears to have a blast. Meanwhile, her sisters are as usual showing good sportsmanship and rooting on Megan Linz. Too bad the Weavers weren’t paying attention. Sharon nails the 360 degree loop on her first attempt and returns to the ground at the same time as Rolly Weaver and Megan Linz.

    The sisters are the third team to leave the airport and correctly choose to take 89 North. They follow the Linzes and enjoy the road trip immensely commenting on some hot air balloons and other things they see. The Godlewskis are more than a little annoyed when the Weaver brats daughters chuck their apple cores at their car exclaiming that it isn’t right.

    The Godlewskis are clearly impressed by the Grand Canyon and pause for a few seconds to admire the view. They arrive at the dam at basically the same time as the Weavers and the Linzes. They leap ahead of the Weavers into second place when the Weavers decide to hit the restroom before heading to the clue box. The sisters choose to bail with a decided lack of enthusiasm and arrive at the detour just behind the Linz family. Along with the Linzes, the Godlewskis have some trouble finding the boats to bail out. Once they do locate the boats they appear to have a little friendly rivalry with the Linzes. The sisters finally manage to finish bailing just after the Weavers complete their detour. The Godlewskis head back to the parking lot behind the Linzes and the Weavers.

    Once in their truck, Michelle is confident that she saw a sign for Antelope which leads Sharon to say, “Oh God” and Michelle to act insulted. Got to love sisters. Mariner has extras if anyone needs one or two. They pass the Weavers when the Weavers decide they need to stop for directions. Apparently, Michelle was right because the Godlewskis arrive at Lake Powell just after the Linz family.

    Sharon’s experience with outboard motor boats helps them get their boat started relatively fast and for whatever reason, they are able to blow past the Linzes much to the Linz family’s dismay. They still have to find the houseboat though. The sisters finally spot Phil’s location and hit the mat . . . .

    The Weaver Family
    The Weavers depart second at 11:48pm, headed to Mesa, and hoping it is is a Yield so they can use it on the Godlewskis. They decide Rolly will do the Roadblock, and he enthusiastically pilots the plane into a loop on his first try. On the road to the Grand Canyon, the Godlewskis catch up to them, so Rebecca rolls the window down to wave at them and then throw her apple core at their SUV.

    When they arrive at the guard station at the Grand Canyon entry, they ask the attendant to delay the Linz siblings (who are directly behind them) by giving them a long history lesson. As they are leaving Lipan Point, the Linz SUV is pulled close to theirs, and they chide the Linz's for "playing dirty." Once at the tour center at the Glen Canyon Dam, Linda annoys her kids by asking for the location of the bathroom and taking a potty break. Telling their chosen tour guide that the Godlewski's are nasty people, they pass by the returning Linz's and Linda holds out her hand for a passing high-five...which they ignore for some reason. Apropos of nothing, they then declare that the Godlewski's are "so rude!"

    On the way to Antelope Point, they stop to ask directions, and an unseen Good Samaritan offers to lead them there! Even with this kind offer, Linda prays, "Please God, let them lead us there." Faced with the Detour, they choose Bearing, with Linda claiming she is a good navigator. (We all know she has a little divine assistance going on, though!) They make quick work of locating the first box and get the first coordinate and compass. Soon, they have found the next several locations and are finished with the task and headed to the Pit Stop, where they arrive....

    The Linz Family
    Leaving the Pit Stop in 3rd place at 11:51pm, they head off to Mesa to find Fighter Combat International. Along the way, they become unsure if they going the right direction, and stop on a quiet road to ask a passing car for directions. They must not have seen the nearby cop, because almost immediately, they are being pulled over. They explain to the policeman that they are a bit lost, and one of the boys even goes so far as to explain that they "are racing against other cars", and the cop genially provides directions and sends them on their way. Even with this set back, they make good time and arrive at the airport second.

    Seeing that the Weavers are already there, they ask where to find the ticket, and Mama Weaver advises her kids to not tell them...even though the tickets are a mere 10 feet behind them. What is the strategy in that?! Meg is chosen to fly, and the boys assign her a new nickname to go along with her new balls: Air Biscuit. Say what you want about the Linz siblings, but you have to admit they know how to have fun - they are always laughing and being silly. Watching Meg easily accomplish her task of looping the plane, Nick lets out his patented "Niiiice." and they congratulate her when she returns, exuberant from her experience. Before leaving, they tease Brian Paolo, who looks like he might pass out from fear.

    The Linz siblings arrive first at the Grand Canyon Lipan Point location for their next clue, a Detour. Again, they choose the more physical task: Bailing. It takes some effort for them to locate the submerged boats, but quickly bail out about half of the water and then tip the boat to finish the job. In the meantime, they enjoyed a brief water fight with the nearby Godlewski sisters. As they are returning to shore in first place, they pass the Weavers and taunt them in a very testosterone-ridden way, in grunts and roars.

    Once they arrive at Antelope Point (still in first place) they run to the dock and are at a loss when they can't find the right boat. One of them re-reads the clue, and they go off to find the marked path. Still holding a good lead, they pile into the little motor boat and fire up the putt-putt motor. After dislodging themselves from some rocks near shore, they are off into the Horseshoe Bend, looking for Phil, pre-celebrating their first place finish. The Godlewskis are right behind them all of the sudden, and gaining quickly. Meg wonders why the sister's boat is faster than their boat. It is a close race all the way, and they arrive at the Pit Stop...

    The Paolo Family
    The Paolos depart Fort McDowell at 12:06 am. Marion says that the pressure is on just to stay in the race. The Paolos start the leg the way they finished the last. Marion asks if it is 50 miles to the airport and her sons roll their eyes and say 15 miles Ma, 15. Tony then gets in on the action and asks Marion if she’s nuts when she suggests the next task might be a helicopter ride. The Paolos are the fourth team to arrive at the airport and secure the number four.

    Once the airport opens at 4:30 am, the Paolos decide that Brian is going to do the roadblock. He has to wait along with Lauren Bransen while the first three teams go up in the air to attempt the roadblock. The Linz brothers show they are merciless and tease Brian about his “joystick” before he gets his turn. DJ is his usual compassionate self when Brian fails on the first attempt saying that he did a loop straight up like a clown. Brian has a big smile on his face after successfully completing the 360 degree loop on his second attempt. We are guessing this was probably the highlight of the race for him.

    The Paolos are the last team to depart for the Grand Canyon. They decide not to stop with the Bransens to ask for directions to Lipan Point. Tony is in charge of the map and instructs DJ to take 64 instead of 89 to what DJ calls “the World’s Largest Pothole.” This takes the Paolos to the main entrance point rather than the entrance closest to Lipan Point and the family ends up in a traffic jam. The Paolos arrive last at the clue box where even DJ seems to be impressed by the pothole and Marion decides that Arizona isn’t so bad after all.

    On the way to the dam, the Paolos realize the mistake they made by going to the main entrance point. Marion does not miss an opportunity to rub in that she wanted to stop for directions. Brian is hopeful that they can still catch up. Marion does stop her bitching long enough to comment on how beautiful the scenery is. As the Paolos approach the dam, they see three teams leaving and realize it is going to come down to them or the Bransens finishing last.

    The Paolos decide to bail. As they are heading towards the boats, the Bransens pass them having completed the detour. DJ and Marion are in fine form while the Paolos are bailing. Marion threatens to take DJ’s head off while DJ warns his mother that he could drown her. Marion also nags the family to try tipping the boat over to get rid of the water and says she’s quitting at one point. They finally finish and get the clue.

    All the way to the pit stop, the Paolos continue to bicker. Brian is still holding out hope they can beat the Bransens. The Paolos finally arrive on the mat . . . .

    The Bransen Family
    Wally, the girls, and the plastic bags holding their remaining possessions are the last to leave Fort McDowell at 12:14 am. Their “plan” is to move up quickly from fifth to first. Lauren explains that anything can get done as long as they work together as a team instead of getting frustrated. The Bransens first venture in teamwork is heading for a casino down the road to try to make some quick money.

    Wally is smart enough to hang in the background while his daughters approach people in the mostly full parking lot. As Wally acknowledges, it doesn’t hurt to be cute, young, and female if you are going to beg for money. I’m sure Mrs. Bransen was really proud when she saw her husband on television looking like he was pimping out their daughters for cash. The trip to the casino turns out to be more successful than many and the Bransens are quickly on the road with some money including some twenty dollar bills.

    Not surprisingly, the Bransens are still the last team to reach the airport and take the remaining number. The next morning they decide that Lauren will attempt the roadblock. She seems almost as nervous as Brian Paolo and also takes two attempts to complete the loop.

    The Bransens leave the airport in fourth place basically in a dead heat with the Paolos. When they learn that the Paolos don’t know how to get to Lipan Point either, Wally and the girls decide to stop and ask for directions. They get someone to let them use a cell phone and learn that 89 is a better way to get to Lipan Point than 64.

    On the way to the Grand Canyon, one of the girls exclaims about the view. A focused Wally tells her to enjoy the ten seconds she is going to see it. Once they reach the clue box and one of the girls tries to stop and look at the view, the others tell her to suck it up and go. The Bransens are focused on trying to get a good lead rather than sight seeing.

    As they head for the dam, Wally is hoping that the Paolos are behind them. The girls feel like they haven’t done anything wrong during the day and think that it is all going to come down to the detour. The Bransens are quite pleased to find the dam without incident, get their clue, and decide to bail when Wally admits he doesn’t really know how to use a compass.

    On their way to bail, the first three teams pass them in their boats on the way back to the parking lot. The Bransens appear to finish the detour relatively quickly and finish before the Paolos get to the boats. Wally and the girls exchange high fives after they see the Paolos just heading towards the detour.

    Back in the car, the Bransens seem to have a little trouble finding Lake Powell. They are worried that it will still come down to a race between them and the Paolos. Once they find Lake Powell, Wally seems to have some trouble with the motor and the girls worry about the Paolos passing them. They finally reach Phil and anxiously await their position . . . .

    Finish Order:
    1st- Godlewski Family. They screamed and jumped. They also win a Jayflight 27VH travel trailer from Jayco
    2nd- Linz Family
    3rd- Weaver Family
    4th- Bransen Family
    5th- Paolo Family. Dad is classy and says he had a ball. Mom says that as much as they fight, they always stay together and no one can take them apart. DJ gives mom mad props for fighting for it so hard.

    Next week on The Amazing Race: Christine Godlewski takes a tumble, Nick Linz makes a big splash, and they'll probably still be in America. Bor-ring!

    Am I the only one that noticed that the Weavers are the rudest to the only team that has "GOD" in their name? Discuss with me at totoro@fansofrealitytv.com

    Got any good ideas how to jazz up an eye patch? Send suggestions to mariner@fansofrealitytv.com
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    Hey Linzes.

    There's this interesting physical concept. It's called "mass."

    After the debacle with the buggies, do they really need to ask why their boat would be slower than the Godlewskis? [Particularly when Meg, obviously the lightest Linz, looks to weigh as much as the heaviest Godlewski sister?]

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoro
    Marion secures her granny pants over her clothes
    At least it wasn't a thong! Now that's a disturbing mental image!

    Great recap!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago
    Great recap!
    No kidding. A double-length recap in that detail, no less! Outstanding job.

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    Twice the TAR, twice the recappers, twice the OOH LA LA!!! Wonderful job--I especially love the addition of pictures! I know TAR is not an easy show to recap, but you both did it well. Brava times two!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by totoro
    Will we ever be able to tell the Linz boys apart!?

    Great double-recap!

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    Congrats on and extensive and exhausting recap! Great work! (Would like to point out that the episode was on 11/8, not 11/7).
    Am I the only one that noticed that the Weavers are the rudest to the only team that has "GOD" in their name? Discuss with me at totoro@fansofrealitytv.com
    Good point!

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    Thanks for pointing that out about the date Ancient City. I'm going to fix it now.

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    Excellent recap.

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    Thanks for the great recap!

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