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Thread: possibility of TAR/survivor crossover?

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    possibility of TAR/survivor crossover?

    this might be good, i wouldent mind if this happened.......

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    Of course, this idea would all depend on its concept. If they do an Amazing Race all around the island, it may be watchable. Otherwise, it would be a disaster like All-Star Survivor.

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    I suppose you are talking about a more active crossover than former contestants of one show appearing on the other? You are talking about the idea of the contestants of each show meeting each other, somehow, as part of a season of both shows, right?

    I dunno. The logistics would be nightmarish--especially since the Survivors are supposed to be away from civilization, with the rare exception of the occasional native tribe for a day or two. And the Racers have to be near transportation hubs. Plus, the shows are produced by completely different (and largely competitive with each other) production companies. The Romber crossover was pushed on Bruckheimer's boys by CBS, and while I'm sure they appreciated the bump in ratings that's certainly not the same as them tinkering around with their production schedule to fit the needs of another producer.

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