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Thread: The Paolo Family

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    Quote Originally Posted by captain
    I think Dad has learned over the years not to say anything. Mom rules that home and has allowed the boys to backtalk. It is too late for mom to "allow" dad to discipline.

    ITA. She has raised these kids to be as they are. Constant yelling only made the kids ignore the importance of what she may be trying to say. they don't even listen to her anymore.

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    I hope they lose next week... To me, they are just .

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    I couldn't believe how horrible those boys were to their mom!!! YIKES!

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    By far my least favorite team. And your right on target with the fact that she has allowed these boys to speak to her that way but now they're on TV and the whole nation knows how they speak to her. It is embarrassing and I feel for her. Taking a stand now wouldn't help them, but it might make her feel better. If I were to be on the show and heard that, I might be the first contestant to arrested for smacking someone's kid right on the mouth.

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    I couldn't watch these people last night. I swear if my daughter spoke to me the way these boys spoke to her, they would have been hauling me off to jail cause I wouldn't take it. They were so rude. And we wonder what's wrong with kids today......this would be the prime example. I wish they would have left and the Blacks would have stayed. Boo on their attitude.

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    This family drove me crazy. The constant bickering and yelling was excrutiating for me. The lack of respect the boys had for their mother was unbearable, and their father just sat idly by. I was hoping that they would be eliminated. I really enjoyed the Black family. The seem to have a good thing going. It is a real shame that they were the last to arrive.
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    This family will probably end up on Dr. Phil, just like the couple from TAR a couple of seasons ago did.

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    I suppose it's too late for this family to appear on Supernanny, huh?

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    LOL DevilTwin...

    This family got on my nerves almost immediately, so I was (unpleasantly) surprised to see them end up in 6th place. Ugh...I wonder if this family is related to Flo from a few seasons ago?

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    Hmmm, I almost am at a loss for words on this one, after seeing the episode last night. Very painful family to watch. I cringed everytime they were shown. LOL Near the end you could see the negativity just tear at all four of them, from the mother yelling, to shoving each other. Seeing a family like that made me realize that mine is pretty darn good.
    Adversity reveals genius. -Horace

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