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Thread: The Paolo Family

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    I don't think they'll go far but they might be fun to watch!
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    I would expect them to go home early, if not first.
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    They defnitely won't be the first ones out...I don't think so at least.

    They will, for sure, be fun to watch.

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    If the kids were younger they could be on Nanny 911.Don't think they will go far but I bet they will be entertaining.
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    a NYC sanitation worker and a homemaker? Why, it's the Nortons who live upstairs from the Cramdens. Wonder if they bicker like the Honeymooners.
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    Are they in good enough shape to take on the race? I kinda doubt it.
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    No chance at all, I'm predicting a best finish of 3rd team eliminated and I'm still think that is over-estimating their abilities. They're absolutely unable to make it any further than a 8th place finish; No trust and faith in Mum, stubborn, loud mouth, embrarrassed by family...etc......They are going down
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    I hope this team doesnt go home first!! I just want to put them in a plastic bubble and roll them down the hill!!

    This is going to be hilarious!! -- ok and why is the son "so embaressed" no affence, but you look as goofy as your family!!

    and then there is an affection problem going on with this psychologically neredy family... may be harsh but i this is my pre-guess

    heck this could be the perfect brady bunch family for all we know... we'll see

    anyways as we have seen in past "Premeire Amazing Race" Episodes the weakest team viewed by the public usually isnt out first... but you never know... my guess is 2nd out because another team will make a big mistake.. but you never know maybe first out or even 3rd!! But i wouldnt say nhigher!!


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    Here's an article about this family. There's nothing spoilerish about it, just some basic info:
    A Carmel family has been selected to compete in "The Amazing Race: Family Edition" that kicks off next month on CBS television.

    The Emmy-winning reality program will feature four members from nine individual families who will travel around the world by competing against each other for a $1 million grand prize.

    Anthony Paolo, his wife, Marion, and the couple's two sons, DJ, 24 and 16-year-old Brian, will be representing Putnam County on the program.

    When contacted at her home last week, Marion Paolo said the television network had forbidden contestants from discussing the show with any representatives of the media.

    An official at CBS told the Putnam Courier each family had a "family spokesperson. Once the contestants either win or are out of the running for the grand prize, they will be able to discuss their experiences with anyone they like."

    Judy Racic, a neighbor of the Paolos, has been designated to speak on the family's behalf.

    "They are the best. I've known them for the past 10 year, but I feel as though I've known them for all my life. They are caring, concerned and hard-working people. They always extend themselves and are all exceptional," said Racic.

    Anthony Paolo, who emigrated from Italy, is a sanitation worker in New York City. Marion is a housewife, who cares for her elderly mother. DJ is employed by a title company and Brian is a student at Carmel High School.

    "They are probably the most warm and caring family I've ever encountered. I'm really proud to call myself their friend and neighbor and, of course, I wish them good luck in the Amazing Race," said Racic.

    Other families competing against the Carmel clan include a brother-sister combo from Buffalo, a father and his three daughters from Illinois, a father, step-mother and their children, and a team of four sisters.

    CBS said the oldest family member competing on the show is 57 while the youngest is an 8-year-old from Virginia.

    "The Amazing Race: Family Edition" premieres Sept. 27 on CBS from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.
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    Here is another article about the Poulo family. The same neighbor is getting her 15 minutes of fame, but a little more is offered in terms of tidbits about the family.

    "Amazing" family

    (Original publication: September 1, 2005)

    Carmel High School senior Brian Paolo has his classmates beat when they start trading summertime stories: He and his family are among the adventurers competing on CBS's "The Amazing Race" this fall.

    The 16-year-old honors student — along with parents Tony and Marion, both 52, and older brother, DJ, 24 — will vie for the $1-million prize in the first all-family edition of the Emmy-winning reality show, premiering Sept. 27 at 9 p.m.

    The Paolos are barred from discussing their 30-day journey, which was taped earlier this summer. But neighbor Judy Racic says the fun-loving, outgoing foursome has a tight bond, which may help them fare well in the contest.

    "They may bicker back and forth," she says. "But when it comes time to circle the wagons, they're there for each other."

    For the show's latest installment, the usual two-person pairings were replaced by 10 teams of four relatives. This time around, the series is more child-centric, too. Half of the teams include a member under 18; the youngest is 8-year-old Austin Black of Woodbridge, Va. (The youngsters' involvement may have limited the show's usual globetrotting locales, however; some published reports say the race never ventured much outside the U.S. and Canada, not quite as exotic as former destinations like Dubai and Sri Lanka.)

    According to a biography of the Paolos posted on the CBS Web site, Tony is a New York City sanitation worker whose most exciting moment was immigrating to America from Italy. Homemaker Marion describes herself as hardheaded, and her husband as allowing their sons to "get away with too much."

    DJ, who works in title report production, admits to having a big mouth — and a fear of heights. That phobia could play into the tasks that the family faced on the road: Past challenges have ranged from trekking through the Andes mountains to spelunking in South Africa.

    Viewers shouldn't assume anything when it comes to the Paolos, though. Racic first met the family when they moved to Putnam from the Bronx 10 years ago. One of her first memories is of a teenaged DJ careening down a steep hill on Rollerblades to the bus stop.

    "I don't know if I'd describe him as a daredevil," she says. Maybe a daredevil "with good judgement."

    Racic says she didn't know the Paolos were off on their TV travels until after they returned from filming. But once she heard they'd be appearing on "Race," she was thrilled for them.

    "They love, love, love, love, love that show," she says. "I can't hyphenate it, italicize it, underscore it enough. (Marion) would always talk about it."

    Still, Brian's principal, Kevin Carroll, was shocked by the news. Carroll and the Paolos are from the same Bronx neighborhood, and he never thought they'd be the sort to sign up for a reality show.

    "They're regular, conservative, laid-back kind of people like myself, who'd probably be intimidated by an experience like this," Carroll says. "I think it's a great thing, but a big surprise."

    Now, Carmel High will be the second home to one of this season's reality stars. There's no word yet on whether the school will host a premiere party (the Paolos are planning one at their home that night for relatives and friends).

    But there won't be a shortage of grass-roots publicity. Carroll says he'll spread the word in the staff newsletter and school newspaper.

    "It's definitely something everyone here will know about," he says.


    "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

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