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Thread: The Weaver Family

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    What a shame that they waited until the final show aired. Now I can't help but think that he's only marrying her for her money.

    Quality guy that marries a woman for an $80,000 award.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsFroggy View Post
    On another site, someone found evidence that Momma Weaver is getting hitched to some Chris, who apparently must have been her fiance for awhile.

    Hmmm. Let's do the math shall we: hubby dies less than 2 years ago. Since then she not only found a guy but got engaged to him and is set to marry the poor schmuck. Let's give that whole process one year. Then she goes on a TV show and whines her way through it while refering to poor deceased hubby in every episode all the while forgetting to mention that she is engaged to be married already and poor dead hubby is old news.

    What a piece of work she is.
    Look in the Marriage section for her name.
    Wasn't this mentioned somewhere waaay upthread? I dont think this is anything new.

    As far as I am concerned, life is for the living. If she is about to remarry, that is a tribute to her experience with her deceased husband, the fact that she wants to remarry.

    If you think that she shouldn't remarry now.......well then, when???.......I divorced (no he didn't die....unfortunately , and my experience was so bad that I, at this point, could never think of remarrying. I didn't see it as a good thing; she did. GOOD FOR HER. You know, life is a live and learn game. And if she found a man that qualifies (in her mind), trust me.......former dead husband "ain't gonna get any deadder", so she might as well move on.

    I encourage her to go her own route........if she listens to folks....a lot of those unhappy people won't encourage her to continue any further. Personally, I do.
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    It's not that I'm against her getting remarried. More power to her. I just had a friend remarry a little over 13 months after her husband was killed unexpectedly. You do have to move on.

    What I object too is that I feel the Weavers misled us. They invoked dead husband at every opportunity to get sympathy and help. We were told at the beginning of the show and they were referred to throughout the show as "widow and children".

    Nothing was every mentioned about a fiance until the show was almost over and then it was on the internet and not the show.

    I feel we were mislead and they were misrepresented on the show.

    And if they filed for an application on Dec. 10, they have 30 days to get married or they need to reapply for a license in Florida. So I am guessing the wedding has either taken place or is imminent. I hope she has found what she is looking for. I hope the kids are happy with their new stepfather and they find the closure and peace they need from their father's brutal death. I hope they are able to put it all behind them, move on and make a decent life for themselves.

    But I don't like hypocrites and this misrepresentation of her marital status is yet another example of the hypocrits this family has been all race.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    What a shame that they waited until the final show aired. Now I can't help but think that he's only marrying her for her money. Quality guy that marries a woman for an $80,000 award.
    Maybe the marriage will be called off soon. She tells him she and her family are going to be on TAR and he asks her to marry him in case they win. It's the only logical conclusion on why you would want to marry this witch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin Gambler View Post
    Maybe the marriage will be called off soon. She tells him she and her family are going to be on TAR and he asks her to marry him in case they win. It's the only logical conclusion on why you would want to marry this witch.
    Logic has very little to do with love and marriage.
    "The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination."
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    I can't believe I'm going to sort-of defend Ma Weaver, as I really detest her, but here goes...

    Just because you are going to remarry, doesn't erase your loss of the former spouse. She did have a horrific loss when her husband was killed, even if she did meet someone new. And as for the kids, well, it will always be "we lost our Dad." So she's going to remarry...good for her. I don't see how anyone would want to marry her, but if she finds happiness, that's great.

    Now, as far as drama, etc....the title "widow about to remarry & kids" or "engaged widow & kids" doesn't have nearly the punch as "widow and kids." The term "widow" (in my opinion) generates a bit of sympathy towards this team, and they were a team deeply in need of any sympathy, as they were wholly unlikable. It's very possible that there was some footage of Linda Weaver talking about her engagement, yet during editing TAR powers that be didn't think it played as well as just making her be "widow and kids."

    As for the speculation that someone might want to marry her for TAR race money...man, they'd have to be really really money-hungry to put up with The Weavers for cash.
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    I can not STAND the chicks in this family...I am SOOOOOOO happy one of the Linz boy's called one of them 'thunder thighs'

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    Thank goodness my husband has life insurance on us so that we never have to resort to going on a show for money because of a tragedy. It's not like either of us will become rich if the other dies but at least there will be some money. I wonder if Mr. Weaver had a policy or maybe it just wasn't enough since they are a large family. Actually my husband and his brothers did make it to an interview for TAR Family Edition but the reason was for fun first and money second. Bummer that they weren't picked - you would have loved them

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    ArchieComicFan, they actually did receive a life insurance settlement. But, for a family of three kids where the wife hadn't been working... it was pretty paltry. It's much earlier in this thread, but I believe it was something like $80,000.

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    About The Weavers......

    It has been quite a while since I have posted. I would like to offer some perspective that may help a wee bit for those of you who detest the Weaver Family from the last Season of the Amazing Race.

    I lost my husband suddenly to cancer. My three boys were 9, 11, & 13 at the time. It is an interesting thing about loss. You find that you react in ways that even your closest friends cannot understand. Even I did not get it until later on down the road.

    It had been less than a year since the loss of the Husband and Father of the Weaver family. The reason they came on the race was to face some fears head on and to bond as only a family who has faced so tragic a loss can.

    I may have handled things differently if I had chosen to do compete in the Amazing Race. Yet I do know that when your heart is so heavy with grief you find yourself doing things and acting in ways that you would not have before. I know I did.

    I cringed each time I saw a negative reaction from the Weaver kids or the heard some irrational comment about the other teams such as they hate us. I remember my boys reacting in much the same ways in certain situations. Remember....these are KIDS who lost their Dad at such a crucial time in their lifes. It was still very fresh in here hearts and minds and will be for the next few years. Then you have the Mom who is not only grieving herself but has the responsibility to help three others grieve. That is not an easy task but one we accept because we love them so dearly. Yet grief can blind us.

    I am not in anyway trying to excuse behavior that required an apology.

    For the Weaver Family....this race was about moving forward. They faced fears head on like being at the race track. That was huge. This race was not to make friends but to bond together as a family during the hardest time they would NEVER have imagined that they would have to face. I do not think that they were ready to explain all of this to anyone at the time. Besides....it is like trying to explain childbirth to someone who has never had a baby.

    I do understand why the other teams felt the way they did. In the end they all left to go home to their families. The Weavers had to go back and face life without their beloved Husband and Father.

    It has been 11 years since the death of my Beloved Husband. I now see so many things I did not handle well. I believe that down the road that the Weaver Family will do the same. It took A LOT of courage to do what they did on the Amazing Race. Behind all of their prickles and stings what I saw was a grieving family who did not know how to fit in. Time, grace and truth will bring them full circle. I would hope that each of you who have had strong, unkind words about this family might find a wee piece of your heart to think about how you would react if your Father, Mother, or child where to be taken from you. HOPEFULLY you will find mercy.

    Thanks for letting me share my heart. You may not agree. But the great thing is that we can "agree to disagree" and still have fun enjoying the "Amazing Race." For that is truly what life is! An AMAZING RACE!!!

    By the way...my guys are now 24,21,& 19. They are GREAT guys who have a love for life and have built their bridge back to life. So have I. That is my prayer for the Weaver Family.

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