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Thread: The Weaver Family

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    Here's the last thing I'm going to post about religion Obviously this is a hot topic of discussion here.
    We all know that everything that occurs is not shown on television. Not knowing the entire conversation between the truck driver and the mother makes it impossible to see if she was indeed proselytizing. Maybe the truck driver initiated that part of the conversation. I sense an awful lot of prejudiceness here that I never expected to hear. I by no means am a very religious person but to not like someone because they are is beyond me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsFroggy
    1- People cast because they have a sob story. It's the producers trying their best to manipulate the audience and I for one, resent it. I'll make up my own mind if I want to like someone, thank you very much. No need to insult my intelligence by telling me who I should be automatically rooting for. Same reason I couldn't stand Uchenna & Joyce last season. If they shove it in my face, I'll make a point of liking someone else, just for the hell of it.
    I'm really just bewildered at some of the comments about how they have a "sob story" and that viewers hope they don't mention their dad all the time. Some people have bad things happen to them and it becomes part of their life story whether they want it to be or not. I'm quite sure they'd rather have their dad back than participate on a reality tv show, even if that was the only reason they were cast. Since they were probably not the only application with a death in the family, I'm sure there were other factors involved.

    They only lost their father less than two years ago. I'm guessing its still a monolithic issue in their lives. Adults have a hard time coping with the loss of a parent, much less three teenagers who lose their father tragically.

    They might be a terrible team and annoying in some ways (for me, its too early to say), but acting like they are using their father's death as a tool is highly insensitive, I think.

    ETA: And I have to say an "Amen" to Unks post. And I'm Agnostic.
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    I agree with Unk and Star. I felt like Mama Weaver's constant little prayers are not evidence of insincerity, but just a habit she has of voicing worries. It's like you might keep muttering, "Oh, I hope this works out," or whatever.
    Maybe it's because I'm from the south, but I didn't find her preachy moment to the truck driver to be that out of line, simply because I've heard a lot of people do it. I wouldn't, I'm not even religious, but it's not that strange or offensive to me.

    On the death of their father, I certainly think that if it happened only two years ago, it's still pretty fresh in their lives, and they're still trying to come to terms with it and rebuild their family. I would in no way call it a "sob story" -- it's a real story, and while I wouldn't root for them solely based on that, I have no problem watching their family bond (hopefully) over this race.
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    I like this team.. I hope they go far

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    They are my favorites!! I live in the South too and do not find her out of line by praying. (Plus look at what they went through, maybe it is a coping mechanism or just her spirituality). It was scary when they crashed but you've got to love the Mom for acting composed. They competitive but I think they have fun at the same time.

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    Not my favorite team. Sorry, but they expose their religions too much.

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    I don't like or dislike them. The praying was a little annoying, but yeah, like a mannerism might be annoying in someone else. Now, when she asked the truck driver if he "knows Jesus", that was a little disconcerting. He'd just given them a lovely big atlas (lucky them!) -- if he'd said "No" or "I'm a Muslim" or something, what was she going to do? Stop and try to convert him? Throw his atlas back at him? LOL! Just a little bit weird.

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    I really don't like this family one bit. It's not because of the sob story or praying all the time. They just don't have the charisma as the other teams. They don't seem very likable in my opinion.

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    I didnt like this team from the start and I'm relieved that my opinion hasn't changed one bit yet...Although Iw ould have to give them props for finishing first and being the first team to complete the detour...I totally underestimated this team...
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    One of the things I noticed while watching the Weavers they were really excited and enthusiastic as was the pink ladies. As far as the religion issue goes- I would rather hear someone say a prayer or give praise rather than listen to someone else verbally abuse a wife, a girlfriend or worse yet- your Mother....or listen to someone who says I quit
    Any hoo back to the thread... I hope that they stay around for awhile I liked the fact that they didn't quit after the buggy incident

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