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Thread: The Weaver Family

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    I hate to say this because of the father's tragic death, but I don't like the Weavers; they seem like big ole rednecks to me. The one girl's hair is sorta skanky, and she drives with a foot up on the door - who drives like that?? I just can't get into them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newfherder
    Who taught her to drive with her left foot up on the seat (she was shown doing it several times) and WHY does Mom allow it?
    What's the issue with this? I'm not being contrary, I just don't understand. You drive with one foot, not two. Of course, I'm defensive cause I drive this way and I'm over 40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbeckett
    You drive with one foot, not two.
    Stay away from manual transmissions

    Aside from conveying a too-casual approach to driving, I think that it is inherently unsafe. It isn't a natural position, and I know that I would have a painful cramp in my hip after a few minutes. More to the point, the safety features of the car are designed with a "normal" driving position in mind. Picture what will happen during an airbag deployment--at the very least, a dislocated hip that need not happen.
    "The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination."
    --Marion Zimmer Bradley

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    I've got no problem with prayer. But, I'm sorry, when it's out loud and for every little thing, I question the sincerity behind it. Call me skeptical. My father is a minister and although I share his beliefs and faith, I tire of the out loud, attention drawing prayers. (Not that Mama Weaver was trying to draw attention to herself.)

    Having said all of that, they are still one of my favorites. I guess more than anything my heartstrings are pulled.
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    I really like this family, and feel bad for the loss of their father. The boy, reminds me of my son, so they're going to be my number one pick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs Cwebb
    I like them thus far, but if mom prays everytime they can't find a road sign, I'll get annoyed.
    My thoughts exactly. I want to pull for them but I find that behavior really bothersome. I'm just hoping in a future episode mom isn't praying intensely out loud for God's help in making a flight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago
    I've got no problem with prayer. But, I'm sorry, when it's out loud and for every little thing, I question the sincerity behind it.
    Remember folks, there is this little thing called editing that occurs. I find it odd that after the accident when she was run over by the buggy there wasn't any praying to thank God that she was safe and that would have been an ideal time for it considering Mr. Weaver's tragic death. That's why I'm leaning heavily on the side of excess editing.

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    I like this team. I also think they edited it a bit however as a Christian myself, it does tend to become natural to always pray and such. I believe she was sincere and as annoying as it might be to some, it's probably just second nature to her and she doesn't stop to think about it.

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    I am still not sure what to think about this family. On the one side, they have the sympathy from the dreadfull event and backstory, you can almost see the pain and loss in their faces and actions...very hard to watch. On the other hand, they do come across a bit annoying at times, amongst themselves. That buggy incident was truly terrifying as I watched. I hope they last awhile, just because I want to see them more.
    Adversity reveals genius. -Horace

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    I really want this family to do well.

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