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Thread: The Schroeder Family

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    The Schroeder Family

    From the official site:

    Mark and Char Schroeder are from New Orleans, Louisiana. Markís two children from a previous marriage, Stassi, 17, and Hunter, 15, round out the well-traveled team.

    Mark, 40, is an architect. He enjoys painting, working out and is admittedly arrogant and confident. Mark hopes the Race will teach his family how to rely on each other.

    Char, 39, works as a public relations director. Focused and friendly, Char is the family mediator and is forced to step in to resolve family conflicts from time to time.

    Stassi is the queen of the family. Outgoing and adventurous, she is entering her senior year of high school.

    Her younger brother, Hunter, is entering ninth grade this fall. He describes himself as preppy and hyper. Several of Hunterís teammates complain that he can be lazy at times Ė a trait not commonly found in the Race.

    As they embark on the ultimate family vacation, the ultra-competitive Schroeders are ready for any challenges the Race throws their way.

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    An arrogant dad and a lazy son on the same team might not be a good mixture...
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    Hmmm it looks they might stay it in for a while but it also seems like the son will whine a lot. He is preppy ...yes...hyper? Doesn't look like it heh
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    The mom looks like she's gonna control everyone in her family, as well as those not in the famliy as well. The son looks cool and hyper, like Darkensoul said, but he'll have the most endurance and stamina for some physical challenges.

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    It looks like they found 4 random people and called them a family.

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    Hunter looks SO happy to be on TAR. I see a whining fit out of him and early elimination.
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    No, just no. And Stassi? Double no.
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    In terms of the race, I like the parents, even if I suspect they will be annoying. But the kids have to go. They'd so rather be at the mall.

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    AR Boy
    I think Hunter is an angry poser and isn't very motivated to do this race. Dad (judging by the picture) looks like he's trying to be a hunk. Char will hopefully calm the team down and Stassi... dunno.

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    I smell a divorce lawyer in this team's future.

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