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Thread: The Gaghan Family

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    The Gaghan Family

    From the official site:

    The Gaghan family, from Glastonbury, Connecticut, consists of Bill, 40, Tammy, 42, and their children, Billy, 12, and Carissa, 9.

    Bill works in jet-engine sales and admits his biggest pet peeve about himself is his lack of patience. Bill is hoping the Race will show his family the importance of working together as a team and the benefits of never giving up.

    Tammy is a substitute teacher for her local school district. Having lived in Korea for over three years, Tammy and Bill have traveled extensively. Both compete in marathons across the country and are planning to run one in each state.

    Billy is entering seventh grade and describes himself as outgoing and adventurous. His mother says he’s currently going through typical pre-teen mood swings and hopes that this won’t interfere with his ability to focus on the Race. Billy’s favorite activities are football and running. He intends to show his dad that he has what it takes to compete in the Race.

    Carissa, who will be in the fourth grade, is playful and silly. While she is one of the younger Racers, her dad feels her keen eyes and fighting spirit will make up for her small size. She enjoys running with her dog, Blaze, and playing soccer. Carissa wants to show her parents that she is a tough competitor ready to take on the adults in the Race.

    The Gaghan family has traveled around the world and are hoping those experiences have prepared them for this competition.

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    Good luck to Carissa. When I was in 4th grade, I was in that "awkward" stage. Thankfully, there is no video proof of this...

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    Hope Carissa can keep up with the rest of the team, they seem like they might do quite a bit of running...

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    Cassandra looks really annoying. I expect a lot of whining and complaining from her. I hope they can make it pretty far though

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    Sorry to stereotype but this team looks like they will be out first probably because of Carissa and the boy. It will be very difficult for them to win with the two children unless the dad carries her.
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    This has to be a joke. They have to be out within the first couple of weeks. I wish them luck though!

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    I saw Carissa on TES preview and yeah, she's already grating on my last nerve. I'd be really surprised to see this family last long, considering who they're up against.

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    Dad has no patience? He better control this or they will be out first.
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    The parents look like they could do okay, but two preteens? This is the type of team everyone feared when this season was announced.

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    Dad's smart, as well as Mom but he could throw a spaz and they'll be out. The Kids are simply too young and the 3 R's (Rolly Rachael and Rebecca) are probably gonan kick the s*** out of them lol

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