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Thread: The Gaghan Family

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    My favorite!

    Loved the Gaghan Family. Yes, they are fellow Connecticutiens (??) but I really thought they were cute. Worked very well together, encouraged each other. Even the son was encouraging and praised his parents.

    I don't think they'll WIN the race, but I think they will do well and have a great time.

    Go Gaghans!!!

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    They're my favorites too. The kids are cute and entertaining without being annoying (yet). The kids singing while their parents passed the "alpha team" with the omish carts was fantastic. And I sure can't run a 7 minute mile, so I give props to the kids' athletic ability.

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    I think they'll go far

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL
    Loved when they beat the Weavers in a foot race.
    That was great. The little lady sure has some legs on her. She had no problem keeping up.

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    This night I watched AXN-ASIA channel and I really supprised this GREAT team !
    I do not believe they can run the game as the second place before this night.
    They really did a good job,
    expecially the parents hauled the wooden "car" and their kids cheered and sang for them.....

    haha,this is amazing RACE,everything will come true.
    SO,I hope they wiill go far and win the game at last!

    (CAISSA is sooooooooooooo cute!!!
    She must be a BEAUTIFUL and TOUGH lady in future)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparksals
    I guess I just don't understand all this hate for them based on their picture. Sure, hate EPBM for doign the family edition, but don't take it out on the kids.
    Don't like precocious kids. Never have, never will. Consequently, don't like this team (though the parents actually seem okay).
    And so it begins, the end of times..

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    I think people tend to choose their favorite team by identifying themselves with that particular team. For me, the team I am rooting for is the Gaghan Family. I my self is a family man with a 10 year old kid. Rooting for that particular team makes me feel as if I am part of the race.

    It makes me wonder why some people in this forums give harsh comments on those two kids. Probably because they have no kids on their own (yet).

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    Just for myself, it's not really hate for this family--I surely don't put them in a category with, for instance, Jonathan/Victoria from last year, just decided I liked them least on paper. And since they haven't yet anything to make themselves one of my favorites, they're still on my 'loser list", and I'll probably snark on 'em for the heck of it unless they make me like them better.

    This is one of the resons I didn't want to see kids on the show. Besides making the show not as interesting in my opinion those of us who aren't child-crazy seem hateful when we don't find Carissa amusing. And that's all it is. I don't find this family all that bad, just not interesting or fun to watch.
    My not liking them has nothing to do with photos (trust me, I rarely base first impressions on photos) it's everything I saw and heard of them pre-show that caused my dislike. I don't find Carissa amusing or tough and probably won't. She doesn't seem as whiny or annoying as I originally predicted in the beginning, but I think that will change should her family make it mid-race. Maybe she'll prove me wrong. And it doesn't surprise me that the family bickers less and seems more supportive than some of the other ones; I was expecting that.

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    Go Go Gaghan Family!!!

    The fact is, the Gaghan Family Landed 2nd Place. Even if they get eliminated on the 2nd Episode next week. They have already prooven themselves.

    I do not consider this team weak. If you are to recall, they were even the first team to run the parking slot and finish packing their things on their SUV from where the race started. That alone gave me a hint that this team has a fighting chance to win (provided luck will always be on their side).

    From what I observed from the previous amazing races, LUCK will ultimately be the desiding factor in the end. Even if you are the strongest team but if luck is not on your side you will end up second place. Just remember what happened in Amazing Race 5, 6 and 7. All those winners had their luck on the lasg leg of the race. The strong teams (the 2nd placers) almost dominated the race but ended up second. Remember last season, the Old Couple (forgot their names) even landed 4th place. Well, between the Gaghan Family with two kinds as compared with the Old Couple from last season, I think they are much stronger!

    Go Go Gaghan Family!!!

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    I really found Carissa cute. Haha. Oh well, kids are lovely arent' they? The scene where they overtook the Aiello was hilarious! The 2 kids also outran some of the members in the family that ranked 3rd. Kudos!

    My early-on fave team. Surprised to find a team I like so fast. Hope they last long! Final three hopefully

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