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Thread: Any Early Show Updates?

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    FK overall was a good team and I liked them from the start. They deserved the title and money fair and square, though it should have been KJ!

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    Quote Originally Posted by porky pig
    Saw the clips of the early show via their website. Kris and Jon looked hot as always. Hayden looked errr, un-hayden like. Freddy and Kendra looked much better when they were on the race, and they're models?

    Phil commented that Kris and Jon were the best of the best racers and that they were the kissiest couple , and the host (sorry, don't know his name) commented that Rebecca was one of the best racers of the season because she was carrying Adam on her back
    I think the "best of the best" comment was actually directed to the final four teams as a whole. Although I choose to believe it means Kris and Jon as well

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    it should be directed to Kris and Jon. no questions about it!

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