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Thread: It's Even Better To Watch Now ~ Epsode 10 Recap

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    It's Even Better To Watch Now ~ Epsode 10 Recap

    This week was interesting to watch. Some people have mentioned that the couple that was eliminated last week argues just like other couples. The thing is, other couples did argue, but I can happily report that the arguing we heard this week, with the exception of Adam and Rebecca, was really just run of the mill, I’m-tired-and-cranky-and-hungry-and-you-stink arguing… nothing like the arguing of the past.

    This was a great episode.

    The episode takes place, for the most part, in Sri Lanka. The show began with a short dedication to all of the people who were affected by the recent tsunami. It made for powerful TV when the realization hit, that so much of what we were seeing was gone. Some of the locals, who helped with the tasks, may very well be gone too. It was tough to think about, and I’m glad that the folks at The Amazing Race took a minute to acknowledge them.

    I’m going to dive right in with…

    The Particulars

    Teams will need to sign up for one of two charter flights to Addis Ababa and find the stadium to receive the next clue. That clue informs players that they will need to choose a team of two Ethiopian runners, and with them complete a 4X4 relay with each person completing one lap of the track. Once the team has finished they will get the next clue.

    It’s off on a 3,600 mile flight to Colombo Sri Lanka. Once there they need to take an 80 mile train ride, then find a port where they will see the next route marker. The clue in that box contains the Detour with the choices of Tree Trunks or Elephant Trunks. Players opting for Tree Trunks need to climb up 50 feet to the tree tops then traverse a rope bridge to another tree, collect a jug, and go back the way they came. Players must go one at a time, and when both players have finished they will deliver the jugs to a local man who will then give them the next clue. If the team decides to go with Elephant Trunks they need to play polo on Elephant back. One at a time each team member must maneuver a polo ball down the length of the field and make a goal. I thought this sounded terribly difficult, but they are just riders on the elephant, they have a young man who does the actual “driving”. Once both team members have completed the task they will be given the clue.

    Teams will take the bus to the city of Kandy and find the Kandyan Art Association where they will need to purchase an offering to bring to the Temple Of The Tooth and give to a Monk. The Monk will bless the team members and give them the next clue.

    The route marker given by the Monk directs players to take a bus to the city of Dambulla where they will need to hire a Tuk Tuk to take them to Lion Rock and the Roadblock. This week the teams will need to decide which of them has Strong Legs and Keen Eyes. Once decided, the player will have to climb over 1,000 stairs, to the top of Lion Rock. A ticket only attraction. At the peak they will find binoculars which they will use to spot a big yellow and red flag which marks the Pit Stop. After descending the rock the team must find the Pit Stop, where Phil is waiting at one end of the pool. Players need to swim the length of the pool before stepping on the mat… you know, the mat named Matt…

    And they’re off!

    Hayden and Aaron 1:16am

    These two have no problem getting on the first charter plane, and are thrilled to learn that they will be running a relay. Hayden was a runner in school and the 4X4 was her event. After the race Aaron spends some quality time bragging that they beat another team. The thing is Hayden and Aaron started before the other team, so really there was nothing to brag about.

    OK, I’m about to spoil something here… the couple is on a flight to Sri Lanka with every other team. It’s equalizer number one.

    They hire a cab to the train station and Hayden is freaked out the entire time. Although she’s been getting on my nerves, I must say that I would have had my eyes closed for the entire trip. Seems that there is no wrong-side-of-the-road. The cab narrowly escaped about 1,683 accidents on the short trip.

    At the Detour they make the obvious choice for anyone afraid of heights, and decided on Elephant Trunks. What? She’s deathly afraid of heights, but they did what?… Yes, they went with Tree Trunks. Hayden went first and spent about 3 hours on the rope bridge. When she finally finishes her turn, Aaron scurries up the tree and tries to make up for lost time while Hayden tells us that the only way to conquer a fear is to face it. That may be Hayden, but the race is for 1,000,000. Face your fear later honey.

    They are feeling pretty good about their placement, but then are equalized again at the Kandyan Art Association. They wait with the other teams until morning, then make a mad dash into the store to purchase the offering. After they deliver it they try to find a Tuk Tuk to take them to the bus station. When there isn’t one to be seen Hayden informs Aaron that he should of arranged for one. This prompts Hayden to say something many of us have been waiting a long time to hear… yes, he finally tells her to shut up, as he can’t take her bitching anymore. Way to grow a spine there buddy.

    At Lions Rock they purchase tickets and it’s up to Aaron to make the climb and try to spot the yellow and red flag. He seems to have no problems with either the stairs or the finding of the Pit Stop. When he returns to the bottom, he and Hayden hop in a cab, and Hayden draws a map for the cabbie. The map is essentially a line with an arrow coming out at a ninety-degree angle at its mid point. The arrow points to a square. The Tuk Tuk driver understands and takes them directly to the Pit Stop where they arrive…

    Lori and Bolo 1:31am

    The wrestlers start the leg by informing us that they realize the need for reading clues thoroughly. They will be slowing down enough to make sure they accomplish this. At this point in the race, they have a great chance of actually winning the whole thing.

    They too make the first charter. At the stadium Lori begins the relay as Bolo is telling one of the runners to run like the cops are after him. That is Bolos plan, as he has practice at that. The runner is just smiling and nodding. The international symbol meaning I-Don’t-Know-What-You’re-Saying-But-You’re-Mighty-Big-So-I’ll-Just-Agree. Lori does a decent job with the run, and soon it’s Bolo’s turn to run as the anchor for the team. Now I know there are those of you reading this that really want me to rag on Bolo’s run, and to be honest with you I’m sure I could do it, but I refuse to. You see, anyone who can run an entire lap is an ok runner in my book. I do not run unless being chased by a dog. A big dog. A big hungry dog. I will not make fun of the runners. Unless Jonathon were here. He would have looked like an idiot.

    As you know if you have been reading the entire recap, the teams were equalized on the plane. Lori and bolo manage to get a great Tuk Tuk driver to take them to the train station, where they get on the first train out. At the Detour the couple decides to take the Tree Trunks option. Lori goes first and tires out very quickly. She has a hard time on the rope bridge, and on the return trip actually sits down and scoots her way to the initial tree where she climbs down to give Bolo his turn. He decides that perhaps a couple ballet moves on the bridge will help him get across faster, but this infuriates Lori who thinks it’s a waste of time. In all fairness it seems like he finished quite a bit quicker than she did.

    At the Kandyan Art Association they are first to buy the offering to deliver to the Monk. They seem reverent while receiving the blessing and wait patiently for the clue.

    At Lions Rock it’s up to Lori to perform the Roadblock. She manages to get what seems to be most of the way up to the top before there is a station asking for tickets. Her ticket is in Bolo’s hand. As is the clue that they promised to read carefully. Lori does her best to convince the officials to let her proceed with out the ticket, but they refuse. She needs to head back down to retrieve it. As she snatches the ticket out of Bolo’s hand she is screaming about reading the frickin’ clue. Bolo closes his eyes… I think he’s counting to ten. Kris and Rebecca have a simultaneous jaw dropping and turn to laugh. Kris tries telling Bolo that all will be OK, but in the middle of the speech her partner returns from the top. Lori reaches the top and is audibly out of breath as she searches for the flag with the binoculars. She seems to spot it quickly, but you never know. She heads down, collects Bolo and they book it to the Pit Stop where they arrive…

    Kris and Jon 1:48am

    Jon realizes that they are getting comfortable in the race, but knows that it could be dangerous to feel that way.

    When they walk up to the counter person to sign up for the first charter Kris asks: “What’s Up?” the counter person replies with “Thank you”. I am only adding that because I found it funny. Of course I am tired, so funny to me may be stupid to you. If that’s the case, I apologize.

    Hmmm, am I bulking up the section enough yet?

    Kris thinks Sri Lanka is beautiful, and loves the fact that there are elephants walking down the street. I have yet to hear this couple utter one disparaging remark about any country they have visited.

    At the Stadium Kris and Jon both do a great job running the really, and receive the clue quickly.

    At the Detour they immediately decide to go with the Tree Trunks. Kris is up first and goes so quickly that the cameraman got hardly any footage of her. Jon repeats the performance and the two of them finish the task while other teams are still on the first person. They head to the bus station and are frustrated when other teams start showing up. The equalizers are killing them.

    They wait with other teams for the Kandyan Art Association to open and are very respectful of the blessing they received. They feel a little bad about having to hurry out, as it seems rude, but they need to get going.

    Jon performs the Roadblock and seems to fly up the 1,000+ stairs, telling us that his adrenalin just kicks in when it’s needed. It seems to take a while for him to spot the flag, but after doing so he flies back down the stairs. He collects Kris and the two head off for the Pit Stop arriving…

    Freddy and Kendra 2:13am

    They figure that being yielded was actually a good thing as it inspired them to do better. Too bad it didn’t inspire them to be nicer and more respectful in all these beautiful places they are lucky enough to be passing through.

    While waiting for the second charter we get to hear Kendra vomit in the bathroom. This is not a sound I am fond of, but I guess I’ll just be thankful that there is no such thing as smell-o-vision yet.

    At the stadium, Kendra worries that her upset stomach will interfere with her doing a good job. Now, again, I’m not going to make fun of any of the runners/running, but she herself said she ran like an eighty-year-old woman. I shall agree.

    The cab driver goes the wrong way after the stadium, and Freddy has to tell him how to get to the airport. Once there they argue over the cost and Freddy and Kendra come darn close to missing the flight.

    The two of them spend more time complaining about the ugly buses and awful cabs. I spend time complaining about them.

    When they hop of the train they are deposited into a parking lot with about 75 Tuk-Tuks. Kendra is excited as she yells to Freddy that she “found” one. Freddy actually compliments her on her ability to do so.

    At the Detour they go for Elephant Trunks and actually seem to enjoy themselves. If this was the only clip someone ever saw of them, I’m sure that the couple would be very well liked. They were happy, laughing, and GASP respectful to the elephant wrangler. They both finished the detour and headed off for the Kandyan Art Association.

    After waiting with the other teams they bolted in to buy the offering, then bolted over to deliver it.

    At the Roadblock it’s decided that Freddy has strong legs and keen vision, so he will be heading to the top of the rock. It isn’t long before he realizes that he does not have the ticket he needs to continue to the top. He heads back down and retrieves it, then starts running back up the stairs. At the top he seems to find the flag quickly and heads back down. He collects Kendra and the two head off for the Pit Stop where the models arrive…

    Adam and Rebecca 2:30am

    The couple… at least they are a couple right now… make the second charter flight and head off for the stadium together. Once there Rebecca blows me away again with her physical capabilities. She makes the run look easy, and didn’t have to go on and on about how she did this in school… yeah, I’m talking to you Hayden…. Adam runs like you’d expect him to. Just like a toddler who heard the ice-cream truck.

    As mentioned above, all the teams were equalized on the flight, but somehow Adam and Rebecca wound up missing the first train. A gentleman there informs them that a bunch of people just like them had already left. The man seems very happy to be telling them this, I have a feeling he thought he was helping them by giving them this information.

    Adam decides to throw yet another Hissy Fit, but this time Rebecca has had enough and calls him on his stupidity. The conversation went something like this:

    A: “I don’t want to be here”
    R: “Where do you want to go?”
    A: “Back to the airport”
    R: “We don’t have the money to be going back and forth like that”
    A: (His voice is getting increasingly higher in pitch at this point) “I know! I want to go home, I don’t want to play any more.”
    R: (She’s obviously sick of it) “Fine… TAXI… we need to get to the air port, he wants to go home”
    A: “What are you doing” (He is very confused by this new turn of events)
    R: “let’s go hon, this is a great idea, let’s quit, yep, you’re brilliant”

    Adam is visibly shocked and refuses to budge. Rebecca heads back and he wants to know what is going on. They argue some more, the regular Adam/Rebecca argument. You know the one. They break up, he whines and cries, she gives in and they make up.

    Of course they wait for the train and when they reach the Detour they opt for Tree Trunks. Rebecca flies up the tree and scurries across the bridge quickly. Adam is up and Rebecca spends the entire time encouraging him.

    Obviously they are thrilled to find the latest equalizer and wait with the together at the Kandyan Art Association. After buying the offering and delivering it the couple head off for Lion Rock in a Tuk-Tuk, but are upset when the driver needs to stop for gas. I don’t see why, as it is certainly better than actually running out somewhere down the road.

    After finally arriving at the Roadblock it’s Adam who will perform the task. He seems to do a fine job with the stairs, but can’t find the huge yellow flag to save his life. To be honest with you, I’m not sure if he found it alone, or noticed when another racer happened to say something. Either way, he does spy the Pit Stop and he heads back down. The two hop in a Tuk-Tuk and are elated when a team in front of them runs away from the mat to the far side of the pool. The two hop on the mat, only to be told by Phil that they need to swim. Both of them run to the other side and get a running start for the pool, where for the first time in the history of the race, if not the history of her life, Rebecca stumbles on a physical task and kind of falls/trips into the pool. They do manage to swim it though and head for the mat, arriving…

    The Pit Stop

    1. Kris and Jon, winning themselves a trip to Europe
    2. Hayden and Aaron
    3. Freddy and Kendra
    4. Adam and Rebecca

    Meaning that the wrestlers, who really were fun to watch, came in last and were eliminated from the race. I really enjoyed these two and even through the arguing I could tell that they love and even respect each other. I wish them the best in all they do.

    Again, I’m looking for comments! Are they nice? Will they make me happy? I want to be happy! E-me: cali@fansofrealitytv.com Any mean comments? Will they make me “Adam Out” and start pouting? E-me: Cali@KeepItToYourselMisterIWan naBeHappy.com
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    Awesome recap and darn funny!

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    No mention of Bolo's incredible dive halfway across the pool?
    Also had to be the most teams checking in at one time this late in the race I have ever seen.
    Finally most excellent recap Cali, I'm kinda sad though that the race is almost over.

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    ya know, Bolo did have an awesome dive... I also meant to add in what I call "The Monkey Shot" and somehow forgot to do it.. What a goofball.
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    Adam runs like you’d expect him to. Just like a toddler who heard the ice-cream truck.

    Great recap Cali!

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    Great recap, Cali. Below is my favorite part:

    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    She makes the run look easy, and didn’t have to go on and on about how she did this in school… yeah, I’m talking to you Hayden…. Adam runs like you’d expect him to. Just like a toddler who heard the ice-cream truck.
    And you're right...it is even better to watch now.
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    I may be wrong... but didn't Bolo mispronounce another city? I could have sworn I heard him say Addidas instead of Addis Ababa.

    This week's best line:

    Adam runs like you’d expect him to. Just like a toddler who heard the ice-cream truck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    The episode takes place, for the most part, in Sri Lanka. The show began with a short dedication to all of the people who were affected by the recent tsunami. It made for powerful TV when the realization hit, that so much of what we were seeing was gone. Some of the locals, who helped with the tasks, may very well be gone too. It was tough to think about, and I’m glad that the folks at The Amazing Race took a minute to acknowledge them.
    This brought me to tears. Especially when they showed Sri Lanka.

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    Great Re-CAP
    Wasn't it hysterical how Freddy SEIZED Kendra out of the pool? She looked like a little rag-doll!

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    the opening was very touching.

    great recap cali, i love the way you write! i'm sorry to have come late to the party. hopefully you do this each season.

    does anyone know if next tuesday will be a two hour finale like AR5 was?

    again, great job cali, really funny stuff!
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